Does McDonalds have decaf coffee?

McCafe McDonald's coffee

QUESTION: – Does McDonalds have decaf coffee? – Fidel P.

ANSWER: The answer to this question is multilayered and more complex than it ever really needed to be. For decades of business, the answer was no, as the fast-food chain had no decaf options on their coffee menu, either in hot or iced form. If you were traveling and in need of some decaf coffee to give you the semblance of a pick-me-up, team Mickey D did not tend to have your back.

However, a quick google search will turn up an article which discusses how there are some rare exceptions to the rule. The story suggests that merely asking to speak with the manager on duty and nicely requesting a cup of decaf can have some varied results depending on the location of the McDonalds. According to this source, some McDonalds locations have decaf coffee on-hand, but do not typically make any unless asked by a customer, as there is such a low demand for decaf. 

In mid-2020, McDonalds announced that they were now offering a few decaf menu options regularly at McDonald’s locations across the globe.

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What is a McDonalds coffee box?

QUESTION: – What is a McDonalds coffee box? – Alexia W.

ANSWER: – If you are ever running a little bit late for work, it’s always nice to pick something up for your team on the way in order to (more or less) excuse your tardiness amongst your co-workers. What better way to save the day than with a McDonalds coffee box? For somewhere in the vicinity of a ten dollar bill (prices can be as high as 11.99 in some locations), Mickey D’s can turn you into the office caffeine plug, and help you get away with your fair share of late arrivals amongst your co-workers. 

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