Is Organic Coffee Pesticide Free?

organic coffee berries grown in Indonesia

QUESTION: It’s important to me to buy coffee that’s pesticide free, but I’m not sure about whether this applies to organic coffee. Is organic coffee pesticide free? – Wilmetta O

ANSWER: You can count on organic coffee to be grown without using conventional chemical pesticides, but that doesn’t mean that absolutely no pesticides were used on the coffee beans. Organic farmers are permitted to use certified organic pesticides on their crops. 

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What coffee machine does 7-11 use?

7-11 uses the Franke A800 Fresh Brew machine for their bean to cup coffee

QUESTION: What coffee machine does 7-11 use? I was in there recently and they have this machine now that has whole beans in a hopper on top and it makes an individual cup for you when you press a button. It was really good! – Earnest L

ANSWER: Many convenience stores and gas stations have seriously upped their game in the past few years. We’ve written about Racetrac, Circle K and QuikTrip in the past, and which Swiss made machine they were using, so we were curious to know if 7-11 was using the same machine. They are not!

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Where do you find a Shaerer Coffee Machine?

shaerer coffee club machine

QUESTION: How do you buy a Shaerer Coffee Machine? I bought coffee from one of those machines at a Racetrac and also at a Circle K and it was good both places. I’d like to get one for my home. – Ed G

ANSWER: Unfortunately, the Swiss company Shaerer only makes high end commercial coffee machines designed to operate all day and make dozens or hundreds of coffees per day. They do not make a home coffee maker.

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Where does Circle K get their coffee beans?

Circle K bean to cup grind and brew coffee machine

QUESTION: I really like the new coffee at Circle K where you press the button and it grinds and makes it on the spot. Where does Circle K get their coffee beans? – Matt E

ANSWER: Unfortunately, Circle K doesn’t say exactly where they source their coffee beans. But we do know that 100 percent of the coffee from Circle K is now sustainably sourced, and that they are the only convenience store in the US to have 100 percent sustainable coffee!

What does that actually mean though, sustainably sourced?

With Circle K, here is what they say it means for them.

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Do You Drink Crema?

espresso crema

QUESTION: Do you drink crema? Or should I be scooping it out or something like that? – Tiffany T. 

ANSWER: Over the past decade, a common debate amongst espresso drinkers has centered around whether or not one should consume the crema, or the foamy head that forms on the top of an espresso shot. Though there are legitimately good reasons why coffee drinkers may choose to either keep or discard their crema, coffee drinkers can’t seem to agree on what is truly the best course of action. 

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How Many Scoops of Coffee Per Serving?

measure coffee beans

QUESTION: I’m new to the whole world of coffee preparation. How many scoops of coffee should I be using per serving? — Gerald P.

ANSWER: There is a “golden rule” that one scoop of coffee should be one serving. It isn’t as simple as assuming that your cup of coffee is a serving and your spoon is a scoop, though. To put this rule to use, you need to know that a scoop of coffee equals two tablespoons. You also need to know that one serving of coffee equals six fluid ounces. 

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Which Type of Coffee is Less Acidic?

cup of coffee

QUESTION: – Which type of coffee is less acidic? I am looking for a coffee that doesn’t upset my stomach. – Brandon G. 

ANSWER: – If you have a problem with acid reflux, or tend to get heartburn right after drinking coffee, there are tons of low acid roasts available on the market that might be easier on your stomach. There are also several ways to lower the acidity of your coffee so that you can ease off the rolaids. 

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What Is Coffee Crema Made Of?

coffee with crema

QUESTION: I love espresso and the coffee crema on top of it, but what is coffee crema made of? — Tanya N.

ANSWER: When most shots of espresso are properly pulled, the crema on top of the cup is the result. We’ll tell you exactly how coffee crema is made and what it is made of.

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Do I Need to Grind Coffee for Aeropress?

ground coffee going into an aeropress coffee maker

QUESTION: I just got my Aeropress and am learning how to use it. Do I need to grind coffee for my Aeropress? — Janine T.

ANSWER: Yes, you’ll need to use ground coffee in your Aeropress. However, you can either grind the beans yourself or use pre-ground coffee. That said, we always recommend grinding your coffee beans fresh if you can. You cannot just put unground coffee beans into your Aeropress. That won’t work. We’ll explain more about why, how to grind your beans, and how to use pre-ground coffee in this article.

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