What’s the healthiest coffee maker?

QUESTION: What’s the healthiest coffee maker? I only buy organic coffee and I use filtered water. So I don’t like the idea of using a lot of plastic or aluminum to make my coffee either. Got any suggestions? – Mike L

ANSWER: You make an interesting point. There are concerns, for example, about putting plastic containers in the microwave oven because it releases BPA or other hormone disrupters. Perhaps running hot water over these plastics might be something you want to avoid.

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Does a Percolator Make Good Coffee?

coffee percolator

QUESTION: Does a percolator make good coffee? I’m considering getting one and want to make sure it’s the right decision. — Georgia T.

ANSWER: Like any brewing method, using a percolator has its pros and cons. Some people love percolators and refuse to use anything else. We’ll give you tips for brewing coffee in a percolator so you can make the best cup possible, then decide for yourself whether percolators make good coffee. We’ll also talk through why some people love percolators and others don’t recommend them.

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Where do you find a Shaerer Coffee Machine?

shaerer coffee club machine

QUESTION: How do you buy a Shaerer Coffee Machine? I bought coffee from one of those machines at a Racetrac and also at a Circle K and it was good both places. I’d like to get one for my home. – Ed G

ANSWER: Unfortunately, the Swiss company Shaerer only makes high end commercial coffee machines designed to operate all day and make dozens or hundreds of coffees per day. They do not make a home coffee maker.

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What Grind Is Best for Aeropress?

QUESTION: What is the grind size I should use in an Aeropress machine? I’m having trouble getting my Aeropress to brew coffee the way I like it. — Jason D.

ANSWER: Aeropress recommends you grind coffee on the fine drip or espresso settings. This puts the appropriate grind size for an Aeropress somewhere between what you’d put in a French press (coarse) and the fine grind of an espresso. The texture of your coffee should be similar to the grain size of table salt. Aeropress explains that espresso grind will take longer to press, and you might have trouble using more than one scoop at a time. However, the espresso setting will give you a better tasting brew more quickly than the fine drip setting. 

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What Grind Is Best for Chemex?

chemex coffee maker with filter

QUESTION: What grind Is best for Chemex? I just received a 6 cup classic Chemex coffee maker as a gift, but I’m not sure how fine or coarse I should grind the beans. Which grind size will work the best in my new Chemex? 

ANSWER: Your coffee beans should be ground to medium-coarse if you will brew your coffee in a Chemex. A Chemex arrangement can be fussy to work with, so make sure to grind the coffee beans so they’re between medium and coarse.

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