How Long Should I Percolate Coffee?

electric coffee percolator, demonstrated

QUESTION: How long should I percolate coffee? I’m having trouble getting the timing just right. — Henry W.

ANSWER: A percolator leaves you in charge of exactly how long your coffee brews. This can be a blessing or a curse. On one hand, your coffee’s brew time is extremely customizable and you can tweak it until your percolator makes exactly the kind of coffee you like. On the other hand, you’ll need to monitor your percolator while it’s brewing and know exactly what to look for to brew the perfect cup. Keep reading to learn exactly how long to percolate your coffee. 

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Does a Percolator Make Good Coffee?

coffee percolator

QUESTION: Does a percolator make good coffee? I’m considering getting one and want to make sure it’s the right decision. — Georgia T.

ANSWER: Like any brewing method, using a percolator has its pros and cons. Some people love percolators and refuse to use anything else. We’ll give you tips for brewing coffee in a percolator so you can make the best cup possible, then decide for yourself whether percolators make good coffee. We’ll also talk through why some people love percolators and others don’t recommend them.

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What is biodynamic coffee?

QUESTION: What is biodynamic coffee? I heard it mentioned on an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm and I am wondering if it’s a real thing or made up. – Richard F ANSWER: Biodynamic coffee is real! It’s basically like organic coffee, but even even more extreme. Organic farming has its own rules and certifications, and … Read more

Love’s Travel Stop gas station coffee review

I recently stopped at a Love’s Travel Stop gas station in Hillsboro, Texas off of Interstate 35 to try the coffee there.

I was pleased to learn that Love’s has installed the same high end Swiss bean to cup commercial coffee machines as Racetrac and Circle K. The Shaerer Coffee Art C machine lets a station load multiple different coffee bean options at the top, and then it makes an individual, freshly ground and brewed cup of coffee each time you use it. You use the touch screen on the front of the machine, which is very straightforward and easy and walks you through your options.

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Does Nespresso Make Regular Coffee?

QUESTION: Can I make regular coffee in my Nespresso? I know I can make espresso drinks, but I just want a regular cup of coffee now and then. — Daniel J.

ANSWER: If your Nespresso is one of the VertuoLine models, then yes, you can use it to make a regular cup of coffee. Those from the Original Line do not make regular coffee. In fact, Nespresso VertuoLine machines make coffee or espresso in five different sizes: ristretto, espresso, five-ounce gran lungo, eight-ounce mug, or 14-ounce alto XL. You’ll probably want to use one of those last three sizes since you’re making coffee. 

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Is Organic Coffee Healthier?

cup of black coffee

QUESTION: My wife will only drink organic coffee because she says it’s healthier. Is she right? Is organic coffee healthier? — Evan K.

ANSWER: Yes, organic coffee is without a doubt healthier for you than conventional coffee. Let’s take a look at all the ways that organic coffee wins out when it comes to healthiness. 

The organic farming standards that organic coffee is held to require a limited use of synthetic chemicals and restricted use of herbicides, pesticides, and artificial fertilizers. Because the soil doesn’t contain synthetic chemicals, organic coffee is likely to contain more vitamins and nutrients than conventional coffee.

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Are There Any Made in USA Coffee Makers?

QUESTION: My family places a lot of importance in making sure everything we buy is made in the USA, but we’re having trouble finding a coffee maker. Any suggestions? — Jessie G.

ANSWER: The list of coffee makers made in the USA is limited. If you’re not into cold brew, the Aeropress and Red Rooster Mason Pour Over are your only real options. If you accept cold brew recommendations, that expands your horizons a bit, but not to a huge list. You’ll find these made in USA coffee makers listed below. 

You’ll get a few more recommendations if you further expand the search to include those manufactured in the USA and not made in the USA. Coffee makers under this designation may include parts made overseas, but they were assembled here in the USA. 

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Which Coffee Beans Produce the Best Crema?

coffee crema

QUESTION: Which coffee beans make the best layer of crema? I’ve been practicing pulling espresso shots at home and want to make it as easy as possible to pull a perfect shot. — Maeve L.

ANSWER: There are a few different types of coffee beans that we know are better for producing the best crema. In this article, we’ll run down the list of coffee bean characteristics that make for the perfect layer of crema.

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CEFCO gas station coffee review

Is CEFCO coffee any good? Here’s a review. Over the past month or so, we’ve been visiting various gas station chains to see which ones serve high quality coffee. We’ve discovered a lot of good coffee at gas stations like QuikTrip and Racetrac, individually brewed with high end Swiss grind and brew machines. I saw … Read more

Is Decaf Coffee Better for Acid Reflux?

QUESTION: I have acid reflux, but I don’t want to give up coffee. What if I switched to decaf? Is decaf coffee better for acid reflux than caffeinated coffee? — Robert W.

ANSWER: Your question isn’t one that has a cut-and-dried answer, unfortunately. Science is still working through the question of whether decaffeinated coffee is better for acid reflux than caffeinated coffee. It comes down to whether your acid reflux is aggravated by the caffeine in your coffee or the acidity. 

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