What Is Kauai Coffee?

farm in Kauai

QUESTION: What is Kauai coffee? I’ve only heard of Kona coffee. What makes Kauai coffee special and is it any good? — Jared T.

ANSWER: Kauai is one of the Hawaiian islands, but Kauai Coffee is an actual coffee brand and famous, large coffee plantation that is located there. When people say Kauai Coffee they are typically referring to the brand and not just to any coffee beans grown on that island. As Hawaii’s largest coffee grower—and therefore the biggest coffee operation in the United States—Kauai Coffee Company is responsible for much of the Hawaiian coffee you’ll encounter for sale. This article will run down everything you should know about Kauai Coffee before you make a purchase.

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Where does Circle K get their coffee beans?

Circle K bean to cup grind and brew coffee machine

QUESTION: I really like the new coffee at Circle K where you press the button and it grinds and makes it on the spot. Where does Circle K get their coffee beans? – Matt E

ANSWER: Unfortunately, Circle K doesn’t say exactly where they source their coffee beans. But we do know that 100 percent of the coffee from Circle K is now sustainably sourced, and that they are the only convenience store in the US to have 100 percent sustainable coffee!

What does that actually mean though, sustainably sourced?

With Circle K, here is what they say it means for them.

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