What is biodynamic coffee?

selection of biodynamic coffee brands

QUESTION: What is biodynamic coffee? I heard it mentioned on an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm and I am wondering if it’s a real thing or made up. – Richard F

ANSWER: Biodynamic coffee is real! It’s basically like organic coffee, but even more extreme. Organic farming has its own rules and certifications, and biodynamic farming practices take it a bit further.

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Which coffee company has the slogan Good to the Last Drop?

Blue canister of Maxwell House coffee with the slogan on the label that says Good to the last Drop.

QUESTION: Which coffee brand has the slogan, “Good to the last drop”? I remember TV commercials from when I was a kid, but I can’t remember which coffee company it was. — Ursula P

ANSWER: It’s Maxwell House that has the slogan Good to the Last Drop, and you can still buy Maxwell House coffee today and it’s still their registered trademark!

Maxwell House first came to the market in the United States way back in 1892, believe it or not. It was named after a local hotel in Nashville that existed at the time called the Maxwell House Hotel. The coffee was introduced by a wholesale grocer Joel Owsley Cheek, who sold the ground coffee to that hotel, where they served it to guests. Maxwell House coffee has been owned and produced by several companies. The first was Cheek’s coffee company then Nashville Coffee and Manufacturing Company followed by General Foods and Kraft Foods.

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How Long Does Coffee Last After Grinding?

ground coffee and a measuring spoon

QUESTION: How long will my coffee stay fresh after the beans have been ground? What if I store them in a plastic container or in the freezer?. — Michael W.

ANSWER: The short answer to your first question is that whole beans begin to lose their freshness immediately after they are ground. Coffee connoisseurs agree, for the freshest cup of coffee the best thing you can do is grind your coffee just before brewing. After just 15 minutes, your coffee will have lost 60 percent of its refreshing aroma (and scent is a large part of the taste experience). 

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Is Folgers Coffee Good Quality?

Red canister of Folgers Classic Roast coffee

QUESTION: Is Folgers coffee good quality? I buy coffee at various grocery stores and they always have it, and it has been around for years. So it must be pretty good if everyone drinks it, right? – Earnest F

ANSWER: In our opinion, the simple answer here is no. Despite the rich history and timeless tradition of Folgers, the coffee is mediocre, nothing more and nothing less. A reddit user on a r/coffee thread about Folgers classic roast said it best, “There is a time and a place for Folgers. It’s never and in the trash.”  Obviously not a huge fan. It really is not the best part of wakin up.

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