Taco Bell Hot Coffee Review 2022

It took me five attempts to actually get a Taco Bell coffee to review! First time I went into the Taco Bell close to my home in Dallas in the afternoon, and the employees seemed very confused by just an order for a coffee. It took more than 10 minutes to get the order. They … Read more

What Is Folgers 1850 Coffee?

QUESTION: What is Folgers 1850 coffee? I’ve seen it around but I’m not sure what it’s all about. — Rod L.

ANSWER: Folgers 1850 is Folgers’ high-end coffee brand. They offer a variety of roasts and brewing methods as well as ready-to-drink flavored beverages, which we’ll delve into later. We’ll also discuss what reviewers are saying about Folgers 1850 products.

Forbes writer Clark Wolf notes that Folgers 1850 is “from folks who have consistently stated that the ‘best part of waking up is Folgers in your cup.’ So is this better?” Lots of reviewers say yes, even though there is some dissent. As Wolf writes, “It’s generally easier to move downscale, to do the cheaper knock-off than to try to convince folks that your bargain brand can make diamonds out of coal.” For many coffee drinkers, that isn’t the case with Folgers 1850 Coffee.

Folgers 1850 coffees can be prepared in a variety of ways. Brewing methods include automatic drip, cold brew, French press, iced coffee, pour over, or single serve (as in pods or capsules).

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Can You Tour a Jamaica Coffee Plantation?

QUESTION: Can you tour a Jamaica coffee plantation? My family is going there soon, and we’d like to catch a tour while we’re there. — Tricia H. ANSWER: Blue Mountain is the most famous coffee plantation tour in Jamaica, with three tours to choose from: Express, Half Day, and Full Day. However, there are a … Read more

Dunkin Donuts Hot Coffee Review 2022

Wondering if the hot coffee at Dunkin’ is any good? Well good news, it is! I recently tried a cup at a local Dunkin’ Donuts in Dallas, Texas and this is my review. The coffee is always fresh at Dunkin’, because they have a high volume business where people are always ordering coffee, and they … Read more

Taco Cabana Hot Coffee Review for 2022

Wondering if the coffee at Taco Cabana is any good? Here’s a review of hot black coffee at a Taco Cabana location in Dallas, Texas. The coffee from this Taco Cabana was good quality, served at the correct, piping hot temperature. It was fresh coffee that seemed to have been made very recently. I purchased … Read more

Whataburger Coffee Review for 2022

Wondering how the coffee tastes at Whataburger restaurants? Here’s a review. I recently bought a cup of black coffee at a Whataburger fast food hamburger restaurant in Dallas. The coffee was plenty hot, and it came in a styrofoam cup to keep it warm. If you care about hot coffee that’s great, but if you … Read more

What’s the healthiest coffee maker?

QUESTION: What’s the healthiest coffee maker? I only buy organic coffee and I use filtered water. So I don’t like the idea of using a lot of plastic or aluminum to make my coffee either. Got any suggestions? – Mike L

ANSWER: You make an interesting point. There are concerns, for example, about putting plastic containers in the microwave oven because it releases BPA or other hormone disrupters. Perhaps running hot water over these plastics might be something you want to avoid.

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