What is a McDonalds coffee box?

QUESTION: – What is a McDonalds coffee box? – Alexia W.

ANSWER: – If you are ever running a little bit late for work, it’s always nice to pick something up for your team on the way in order to (more or less) excuse your tardiness amongst your co-workers. What better way to save the day than with a McDonalds coffee box? For somewhere in the vicinity of a ten dollar bill (prices can be as high as 11.99 in some locations), Mickey D’s can turn you into the office caffeine plug, and help you get away with your fair share of late arrivals amongst your co-workers. 

For the same price as a quarter tank of unleaded gasoline, you get everything you need multiplied by 12. The McDonalds box comes with 12 eight ounce cups of coffee, either regular or decaf. The coffee comes in 12 separate cups with lids, stir sticks, and enough cream and sugar for the whole gang to dress their coffee up however they see fit. 

If you are a manager, and you work with a big team of employees, the McDonalds coffee box  is a great way to get the whole unit off to a fast start. Everyone will appreciate that you supplied their morning pick-me-up and the majority will probably put a little bit of extra effort into the workday, thanks to the bonus energy they will gain from the caffeine. However, you would be wise to consider the midday crash effect that tends to happen in the early afternoon, but by that time your team should have accomplished quite a bit and be well ahead of schedule by the time the coffee wears off. Plus, if you work in the service industry, the crash doesn’t typically happen until well after lunch rush, so you shouldn’t have a problem there. 

Whether you are late to work, a boss trying to reward your employees, or just a human being in need of enough coffee for 12 homies, you really can’t go wrong with the McDonalds coffee box, and for just $10, you can probably afford to treat. 

If you are not a fan of McCafe coffee, there are a few similar options available at other chains, but there are no other options that bring as much value for the cost. At Dunkin’ (Formerly Dunkin’ Donuts), a box of 10 eight ounce cups can be yours for $15. That deal offers consumers two less cups of coffee for five additional dollars. 

Starbucks won’t sell you a box of small coffees, but they will hook you up with a box filled with 96 ounces of piping hot joe, with an easy to pour spout for $12.95. It’s only a few dollars more than the McDonalds box, but they don’t supply the cups, lids, or stir sticks. On the bright side, the Starbucks coffee travelers are a much more eco-friendly option, and will help you keep a clear conscience about your personal ecological footprint. If there are already mugs and spoons at work in the break room, Starbucks Jug-O-Java is probably a better way to go. 

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