Best McDonald’s Iced Coffees: Every One Tasted and Compared

Every McDonald's iced coffee on the menu

Wondering which McDonald’s iced coffee you should order and overwhelmed by the 15 different options on the menu at the McCafe? We were too, so we decided to order one of EVERYTHING to compare them all.

Here’s what we found out, so that you can pick the best McDonald’s iced coffee for you.

Types of McDonald’s Iced Coffees

It’s not literally just iced coffee on the menu! You can order not only an iced coffee, but also an iced latte, iced mocha or a frappe. Those are the categories of iced coffees, and each category has multiple drink options.

We are going to review all the drinks as grouped with their category.

Iced Coffees

all 5 iced coffee drinks from McDonald's

Pictured above is all five of the actual iced coffee options. These come in small, medium and large sizes. We ordered a small for all drinks in this comparison.

The small size in iced coffee is a bigger drink than the small iced lattes, iced mochas or frappes. So if you want the most to drink, consider that.

The Iced Caramel Coffee is an iced coffee that has coffee, milk, liquid sugar and caramel flavoring.

Andrea did not like this drink very much and decided that the caramel flavoring tasted fake and weird. If you like McDonald’s caramel flavoring, you might feel differently.

Plain / Default McDonalds Iced Coffee

The Iced Coffee is the default, plain iced coffee option. It comes with coffee, milk and liquid sugar as the default choice. If you’re the type of person who likes your iced coffee black, or with no sugar or no milk, you can order it that way. Andrea liked this option as her second favorite, although she felt the iced coffee did not have as rich of a coffee taste as the iced lattes.

iced french vanilla coffee

The Vanilla Iced Coffee is the McDonald’s iced coffee with milk, coffee, ice liquid sugar and vanilla flavoring. Andrea liked this iced coffee the best of all the iced coffee options and thought that the vanilla flavoring was not too overpowering and was an enjoyable level of sweetness.

Sugar Free Vanilla Iced Coffee

The Sugar Free Vanilla Iced Coffee was not good, according to Andrea. Granted, she doesn’t drink a lot of diet drinks or sugar free drinks, so it might be better if you’re used to it. She thought the artificial sweetener taste was too obvious and didn’t taste good and had an aftertaste.

Hazelnut Iced Coffee

The Hazelnut Iced Coffee has milk, coffee, ice, liquid sugar and hazelnut flavoring. Andrea found this one to be a pleasant hazelnut flavor that was not too intense, and one of the better of the iced coffee options.

Here’s a video where she tasted them all.

5 different McDonald's iced latte options grouped together

Iced Lattes

We found the McDonald’s iced lattes to be much tastier than the iced coffees, with a much richer coffee taste. We would have expected the ones called “iced coffee” to have the strongest coffee flavor, since a latte is typically mostly milk with just a small shot of espresso at most coffee shops. But at McDonald’s, this is where we got the most coffee flavor!

standard mcdonald's iced latte

The plain McDonald’s Iced Latte was Andrea’s favorite, because she thought it was rich and creamy with a nice and strong coffee flavor, but not too sweet.

mcdonald's iced hazelnut latte

Andrea did not like the McDonald’s Iced Hazelnut Latte at all, because she disliked the hazelnut flavoring. If you’re a big hazelnut fan, you might disagree with her.

The McDonald’s Sugar Free Iced French Vanilla Latte was another big miss for Andrea. She did not like the artificial sweetener taste. The coffee taste was still good and it was nice and creamy, however.

Andrea thought that the Iced Caramel Latte was very creamy, with good coffee flavor, but overly sweet. Once again, she is not a big fan of McDonald’s caramel flavor in general, so you might like it if you do like their caramel.

The McDonald’s Iced French Vanilla Latte was creamy with a good coffee and vanilla flavor, and not overly sweet according to Andrea.

Frappe Drinks

All three McDonald's frappes
There are three different McDonald’s Frappe options. Caramel, Mocha and Iced Mocha. The frappe drinks are really more like coffee flavored milkshakes than an actual iced coffee, except for the Iced Mocha which is a liquid coffee drink with ice.
McDonald's iced mocha frappe

The McDonald’s Iced Mocha was really more of a mocha flavored iced coffee with whipped cream on top and not a milkshake like drink like the other frappes. She thought it was not overly sweet and found it to be her favorite of the three.

McDonald's mocha frappe

Andrea thought that the McDonald’s Mocha Frappe was delicious, with a nice mocha taste and a milkshake like consistency and gave it a big vote of YES!

McDonald's caramel frappe

On the other hand, Andrea felt that the McDonald’s Caramel Frappe had an artificial caramel taste and did not like it.

Hopefully this review will help you decide what to order at McDonald’s. Lots of good choices here.

Which drink is your own personal favorite, and why?

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