McDonald’s Premium Roast Box of Coffee Review 2022

Here’s a photo what the mythical McCafe box of premium roast coffee that I was unable to find at any stores in Dallas, Texas is supposed to look like. It might look real, but I was unable to find it at multiple stores.

Want to buy a box of coffee from McDonald’s to bring coffee with you into the office or to a party or some other event?

I visited two different McDonald’s locations in Dallas attempting to order a box of coffee to bring into the office. Supposedly, the box of coffee costs around $10 and comes with 12 cups and enough sweetener and cream for everyone to prepare it the way they want it.

But guess what. This box of McDonald’s coffee product evidently no longer exists. The first McDonald’s location I went to was connected to a gas station, but it did have a McCafe as part of the store, so I thought they would serve the traveler box. But the employee acted like I was crazy and just said, “No, we don’t have that” and walked away.

So I drove a couple of miles away to a different McDonald’s store, and this time I pulled up a photo of the what the box looks like on my phone and I asked if they carried the box of coffee and how much does it cost.

Once again, the employee told me that don’t sell that. Specifically, she said, “Naw, we don’t got that.”

So what are your options instead?

Dunkin’ sells a Box O’ Joe for approximately $15 that serves 10 small cups of coffee. If you look up your local Dunkin’ you’ll actually see it on the menu, so you’ll know it’s real.

Starbucks also offers a traveler box of coffee that is what they call “a convenient carrier filled with 96 fl oz of our featured brewed medium roast coffee (equivalent of twelve 8 fl oz cups)—a perfect pick-me-up for meetings, picnics or whatever occasion calls for coffee.” They offer it in their three different roasts, so you can choose the one you like best.

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