Does McDonalds have decaf coffee?

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QUESTION: – Does McDonalds have decaf coffee? – Fidel P.

ANSWER: The answer to this question is multilayered and more complex than it ever really needed to be. For decades of business, the answer was no, as the fast-food chain had no decaf options on their coffee menu, either in hot or iced form. If you were traveling and in need of some decaf coffee to give you the semblance of a pick-me-up, team Mickey D did not tend to have your back.

However, a quick google search will turn up an article which discusses how there are some rare exceptions to the rule. The story suggests that merely asking to speak with the manager on duty and nicely requesting a cup of decaf can have some varied results depending on the location of the McDonalds. According to this source, some McDonalds locations have decaf coffee on-hand, but do not typically make any unless asked by a customer, as there is such a low demand for decaf. 

In mid-2020, McDonalds announced that they were now offering a few decaf menu options regularly at McDonald’s locations across the globe.

According to a spokesperson for the fast food giant, the company understands that, “the demand for coffee is diversifying,” and though decaf will never be as popular as regular coffee, “the number of customers looking for decaffeinated coffee drinks is increasing,” and though the demand has risen, “there are not many coffee chains selling” decaf options to fill the need. McDonalds is hoping to take advantage of this opportunity, and have added several decaf options for their caffeine-sensitive customers with these McDonalds decaf options. 

Large decaf coffee on the McDonalds app menu
If you use the McDonalds app, you can verify for your particular store that they offer decaf.

Now, you can order decaf through the drive-thru at McDonalds without having to say, “pretty please,” to the manager on duty. Not only can customers get a cup of regular decaf coffee, they can also order decaf Americanos, Cappuccinos, and decaf Espresso. Not bad for filling in a major hole on their coffee menu. 

Since the launch of the McCafe line, McDonalds coffee options have been getting more and more competitive with Starbucks, and the menu continues to grow. Now, with the addition of four decaf options, even coffee drinkers who are sensitive to caffeine can join in on the McCafe experience. But is there more to come?  

Though customers can now order four decaf options, there is still no decaf alternative for McCafe coffee menu favorites such as iced coffee, or McDonalds frappes. Are there more decaf options to come for those who prefer cold coffee beverages? So far, there is no word from team Ronald, so we’ll just have to wait and see.  

If you want to take the delicious taste of McCafe decaf coffee home with you, it’s as easy as a few clicks of the mouse or a trip to the grocery store. McDonalds decaf line is available in most major grocery store chains and can be purchased online and shipped to your home at your leisure. Though McDonalds has turned their back on decaf drinkers in the past, they are working towards a more decaf-inclusive business model. 

McDonalds app shows decaf on the menu

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