Does 7-11 have decaf coffee?

Bunn commercial coffee machine dispensing 7-11 decaffeinated, medium roast coffee

QUESTION: Does 7-11 have decaf coffee? There’s one on the way home from work and sometimes I like to drink a decaf in the afternoons instead of regular coffee. – Will G

CLEARLY COFFEE REPLIES: Yes, 7-11 serves fresh decaf coffee at most locations! I drove to one near me to check the situation out and bought one to taste it.

One thing that I noticed is that the grind and brew machine did not have a decaf option. However, they did have it in the regular Bunn commercial machines. I grabbed one at about 10 a.m. and it was hot and fresh.

The decaf coffee itself is 100 percent arabica beans, which is a higher quality and more expensive coffee than a robusta or robusta / arabica blend. 7-11 serves a medium roast decaf. I drank mine black, and it was good.

I’d describe it as a traditional tasting coffee, with chocolate and nutty notes. Nothing weird and fruity. The quality was high, but the tasting notes are still in the range that appeals to the average coffee drinker. The coffee had enough boldness without being overpowering, and was just right.

You can choose small through extra large cup sizes, but the 7-11 I visited only had large and extra large cups in the dispensers, even though they listed pricing for the other sizes.

7-11 coffee cup dispenser only stocked with L and XL cups

One thing I have noticed at two different 7-11 locations lately is that the employees were not servicing the high end grind and brew machines and they were not functional, leaving you only the option of getting coffee from the Bunn big commercial machines.

This is disappointing to me, because the coffee from the Franke machines is very good and always perfectly fresh because they grind the beans and brew it for each individual cup. I think this is an issue that 7-11 management needs to look into, because if I have run into twice already, it must be a fairly common problem.

franke 7-11 coffee machine needs service
The grind and brew high end Franke coffee machine was out of service, requiring cleaning. This machine does not serve decaffeinated coffee anyway, so I was still able to buy a cup.

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