PJ’s Coffee Shop in Dallas, Reviewed

North Dallas PJ's Coffee Store, with a drive thru

by Lars H

Recently I was up in north Dallas for an appointment, and after I finished, I did a quick Google map search to see if there were any nearby coffee shops I had not yet tried. That’s when PJ’s Coffee of New Orleans popped up on the map, just a couple of miles away from where I was.

I’d never heard of PJ’s Coffee before, and learned it was a franchise that was founded in New Orleans in 1978.

When I arrived, it appeared to heavily promote its drive through window, suggesting that it gets a lot of regular customers who are on their way to work or just on the go. I parked and walked inside, where there were several customers drinking coffee and sitting at the various tables.

I ordered a small, plain black coffee and a small cappuccino with whole milk to get an idea of what both the drip coffee and the espresso machine drinks were like.

The menu actually had a giant selection of drinks, including New Orleans inspired choices like a King Cake Latte. I saw blended and frozen coffee drinks, iced coffee drinks, nitro coffee, all the standards from an espresso machine like lattes, espressos, cappuccinos, etc., and even a selection of teas and smoothies.

The chain also serves breakfast sandwiches, muffins, New Orleans style beignets, bagels and other pastries, as well as lunch sandwiches. So you can eat a full meal there and it’s not just a coffee shop.

PJ's cappuccino and black coffee

I would describe the coffee as very bold. Good flavor, freshly brewed. But I personally prefer a more moderate coffee that isn’t that bold. If you like a very strong, dark and bold coffee though, this would be the place for you.

The cappuccino was similarly very bold, but I felt that the milk and foam brought the levels down in a pleasant way.

Overall, I enjoyed my visit but probably wouldn’t go back there because it did not suit my own coffee preferences.

The service was friendly and the shop was clean and the parking was ample. If you are nearby, this coffee shop is worth trying for yourself, particularly if you are a bold coffee drinker.

PJ coffee bean menu

PJ’s also sells its own beans that are roasted in New Orleans, with quite a few different blends. I think it would be easy to find a blend that appealed to my own coffee sensibilities from their big selection, but I didn’t pick up a bag since I have so many other bags at home right now waiting for me to test. Some of the medium roast options looked interesting to me though.

They also sell flavored coffee, by the way, if that’s your thing.

PJ's coffee beans and k-cups on the shelf for sale

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