Review of Buc-ee’s Gas Station Coffee for 2022

Buc-ee's cup of black coffee

Ever since reading that Buc-ee’s made the top of the list of gas station coffees around the country, I have been curious about trying it out for myself. The nearest Buc-ee’s to me is approximately 30 miles in four different directions, so none of them are close to me.

I drove to the Buc-ee’s in Melissa, Texas, north of Dallas. If you’re driving down from Oklahoma (or up to it), it’s close to the OK TX border.

I happened to drive there on Christmas Eve because I had the day off to make the trip, and it was crazy crowded! Most of the pumps were full, and the entire parking lot on one side of the building was also full. Inside the building it was also very crowded! Buc-ee’s is a popular gas station because visiting one of their stores is an event in and of itself. There’s lots to see and purchase inside, and terrific bathrooms that are always clean and private, with even the men’s urinals individually separated from each other.

Buc-ee's Bunn commercial coffee machines

Your serve yourself at a Buc-ee’s, and they use good quality Bunn commercial machines. Bunn makes good coffee as long as you put in good quality beans and keep the canisters constantly fresh.

But here’s the good news. Buc-cee’s has lots and lots of customers, so they are always making fresh coffee. There was an employee who was dedicated solely to keeping the coffee area clean and keeping the machines operating so there was always plenty of hot and fresh coffee. I asked him if they made more coffee based on a timer, and he said that they sold coffee very fast and he primarily focused on looking for machines that were low on coffee. He would then empty out the last part at the bottom and make an entirely new, fresh container. I watched him make a new one.

But how was the actual coffee? Turns out that it lives up to the gas buddy hype. Not only was it the correct, piping hot temperature, but it was also made with the correct amount of ground coffee and good quality beans. So the taste was also very good.

Buc-ee’s also has a very large coffee station area with many options to add sweetener and various cream and non dairy creamer options, including whipped cream. I saw half and half, whole milk and lowfat milk, and lots of non dairy options too.

buy your own coffee at Buc-ee's and make it at home

There was even more to see at Buc-ee’s though. I walked around and saw that they also sell their own coffee if you like it, so you can make it yourself at home. Even better, they have several cool branded coffee mug options. I bought myself a small steel coffee mug that fits under my Krups automatic coffee machine, and it’s great. I’ve been using it for several days now, and it does a good job of insulating the coffee.

steel low buc-ee's coffee mug

I give Buc-ee’s gas station coffee high marks and I recommend it. Try it yourself if you’re driving through Texas. You’ll be certain to see the billboards for miles before you get there, so you’ll know it’s coming.

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