Casey’s General Store Gas Station Coffee Review

casey's general store high end coffee machines that make bean to cup coffee

On a recent road trip, I was able, for the first time, to check out the coffee in Belton, Missouri at the highly regarded Casey’s General Stores gas station chain.

I was thrilled to see that Casey’s General Store has installed a new lineup of high end Schaerer Coffee Art C machines that are commercial bean to cup machines. This means that the machine doesn’t grind the beans and brew the coffee until you actually walk up to the machine and use it, so your coffee is as fresh as it could possibly be! Schaerer is a Swiss commercial coffee machine company and their machines are quite good. The only way you could get a bad cup of coffee from one of these machines is if someone loaded it with stale or bad tasting beans!

Between the machines, there were lots of different casey’s coffee options in different flavors. You could buy decaf, Hazelnut, Classic, Medium or Dark. I chose the Casey’s Classic and it was a good coffee that tasted like a medium roast.

If you’re getting gas as part of your morning routine and you want to stop someplace that makes a quality, hot cup of fresh coffee, then Casey’s General Store gas stations are a great place to stop. I have reviewed other gas stations that use this same bean-to-cup coffee machines like Racetrac and Love’s and the convenience stores like Circle K.

Don’t settle for bad coffee that’s the stuff of last resort at most gas stations. Many of the big gas station brands have upgraded their machines and coffee. Often you can just drive across the street to a different station and get the best gas station coffee rather than drink bad coffee from a station that doesn’t care about coffee quality.

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