Which coffee company has the slogan Good to the Last Drop?

Blue canister of Maxwell House coffee with the slogan on the label that says Good to the last Drop.

QUESTION: Which coffee brand has the slogan, “Good to the last drop”? I remember TV commercials from when I was a kid, but I can’t remember which coffee company it was. — Ursula P

ANSWER: It’s Maxwell House that has the slogan Good to the Last Drop, and you can still buy Maxwell House coffee today and it’s still their registered trademark!

Maxwell House first came to the market in the United States way back in 1892, believe it or not. It was named after a local hotel in Nashville that existed at the time called the Maxwell House Hotel. The coffee was introduced by a wholesale grocer Joel Owsley Cheek, who sold the ground coffee to that hotel, where they served it to guests. Maxwell House coffee has been owned and produced by several companies. The first was Cheek’s coffee company then Nashville Coffee and Manufacturing Company followed by General Foods and Kraft Foods.

Maxwell House was the top selling brand in the coffee industry in the United States for almost 100 years, until the 1980s. These days it has a very small share of the market, although you’ll still find it in most mainstream supermarkets. Folgers is now one of the highest selling coffees in the United States.

The slogan Good to the Last Drop originated as an ad campaign in 1915. Maxwell House later claimed in advertisements during the 1930s that the slogan originated from Teddy Roosevelt, who said it after he had a cup of Maxwell House coffee at Andrew Jackson’s estate near Nashville in 1907.

However, they later admitted that the slogan was written by a guy named Clifford Spiller (did he spill the last drop?) who was a former president of Kraft General Foods Corporation.

As recently as 2009, Maxwell House ran a TV commercial about the slogan that used a President Roosevelt look-a-like actor.

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