Where do you find a Shaerer Coffee Machine?

shaerer coffee club machine

QUESTION: How do you buy a Shaerer Coffee Machine? I bought coffee from one of those machines at a Racetrac and also at a Circle K and it was good both places. I’d like to get one for my home. – Ed G

ANSWER: Unfortunately, the Swiss company Shaerer only makes high end commercial coffee machines designed to operate all day and make dozens or hundreds of coffees per day. They do not make a home coffee maker.

But if you work in an office, you might ask your company to look at their smallest machine available in the USA, the Schaerer Coffee Club. This machine is designed to make up to 50 coffees a day. Schaerer doesn’t say exactly how much this machine costs, but we’d estimate it is in the $4,000 to $6,000 range. Sometimes small restaurants or cafes will use these machines, but we have not run into any yet in the Dallas area.

We have seen Schaerer Coffee machines at Racetrac gas stations and Circle K convenience stores. I believe those locations mostly use the Schaerer Coffee Art C machines, which allow for multiple choices of beans for users, with three bean hoppers on top of each machine. You can choose which beans you like on the interactive menu when you make your own coffee, as well as choose your coffee cup size and whether or not you want room for cream.

These are very simple to operate machines and are very well thought out so that anyone using them the first time can easily figure out how to make their own coffee.

Have you used the Coffee Club machine or the Coffee Art C machine? What did you think? Was it at a restaurant, cafe, hotel, convenience store or an office? Let us know in the comments if you know of a location that you can visit to try one out.

We are big fans of these high quality Swiss machines, so we’d love to hear more from employees who maintain them too.

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