Where does Circle K get their coffee beans?

Circle K bean to cup grind and brew coffee machine

QUESTION: I really like the new coffee at Circle K where you press the button and it grinds and makes it on the spot. Where does Circle K get their coffee beans? – Matt E

ANSWER: Unfortunately, Circle K doesn’t say exactly where they source their coffee beans. But we do know that 100 percent of the coffee from Circle K is now sustainably sourced, and that they are the only convenience store in the US to have 100 percent sustainable coffee!

What does that actually mean though, sustainably sourced?

With Circle K, here is what they say it means for them.

They say the sustainably sourced coffee program is built around three pillars: farm productivity, environmental practices, and social development. The coffee beans will come from participating farms around the world while providing valuable tools, training and services to coffee farmers and their communities.

Additionally, farms where these coffees are sourced, actively promote the following:

  • No child labor
  • No form of slavery or forced labor
  • Trainings on applicable local and international labor and employment laws
  • Trainings on, but not limited to, critical health, occupational safety topics, and worker rights and conditions
  • Gender equity
  • Soil conservation
  • Forest conservation and biodiversity
  • Water protection, waste management, efficient energy use
  • Environmentally responsible agriculture

We know at least some of the beans come from Columbian coffee plantations, because one of the options at the Circle K grind and brew machines is 100% Columbian.

We don’t, however, know if Circle K is directly working with all these coffee plantations, or if they are using a third party to source the beans that does all of this work on their behalf.

Either way though, it’s pretty exciting that you’d find 100 percent sustainable coffee from a convenience store! Who would have thought?

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