Abbott’s Travel Center Gas Station Coffee Review 2022


Abbott’s Travel Center was a gas station I had never really noticed before. Turns out that is because it is very new and has not been around for long. It is both a gas station and a truck stop and a Tesla supercharger location.

The restrooms are clean and fairly nice, and there are even showers for truckers.

But the real reason I stopped was the review the coffee! So here we go.

Abbott's travel center coffee station with Bunn commercial coffee machines

If you like “regular” coffee, there’s a Bunn commercial machine with some Community Coffee blends including Breakfast Blend Supreme, Columbia and Pecan Praline. I had a cup of the Columbia and it was very good. Came out piping hot from the machine, and tasted freshly made.

You can see in the photo that they have a grinder next to the machine where they grind the beans just before brewing.

If you like sweet coffee-like drinks, there’s also a sweetened “cappuccino” machine. It did not have an option for a plain cappuccino — all of the options were French vanilla, hot chocolate and white chocolate caramel.

What I was most excited about at the Abbott’s Travel Center gas station is that they have a Bunn bean to cup, grind and brew commercial machine.

I’ve seen lots of Shaerer commercial bean to cup machines at various gas stations and convenience stores lately, but this was the first time I have seen a Bunn bean to cup machine. There were three different coffee choices at the bean to cup machine. Friends and family, Guatemala and Ethiopia.

The touch screen on the Bunn machine is easy to use and straightforward and similar to using the Shaerer machines. I chose a cup of the Ethiopian coffee. It came out hot and fresh, perfectly brewed. If you like craft coffees with sour notes, then you’d love the Ethiopian. I prefer chocolate types of notes, so it was not my favorite and I actually enjoyed the Community Coffee cup more.

tesla supercharger at the Abbott Travel Center gas station.

Another note about the Abbott travel center is that it’s also a Tesla Supercharger location. There were plenty of available spaces when I visited, unlike nearby Waco that is often very busy on weekends and high Interstate traffic times.

This is a terrific Interstate gas station stop, second only to Buc-ee’s in my opinion. I recommend stopping and trying the coffee.

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