What’s the Strongest Coffee From Folgers

QUESTION: What is the strongest coffee from Folgers? I like their flavor, but I love the taste of strong coffee. — Harold B. 

ANSWER: First things first: Let’s talk about strong coffee versus dark coffee. The strength of your coffee is determined by the brewing process, while a strong, rich flavor comes from the depth of the roast.

Even the blondest roast can be brewed strong, and similarly, the darkest roast can be made with a weak taste. Coffee strength depends on the fineness or coarseness of the grind as well as the brewing time. To make a stronger cup of coffee, you can either grind your coffee finer or let it brew for longer. (If you are buying ground coffee, then you have no control over the grind size. But if you buy whole beans, you do.) On the other hand, if your coffee is too strong, you can either grind your coffee coarser or shorten the brewing time. Coffee that’s been brewed too strong can taste bitter and burned, while coffee that’s too weak can taste weak and watery.

Folgers Noir: For People Who Love Strong Coffee

That said, Folgers does have a line of coffee especially for those who love the deep, rich flavor of dark roasts. Folgers Noir coffees are made of 100 percent Arabica beans and are known for their dark, smooth taste.

  • Folgers Noir Golden Dusk: A medium dark roast with a medium body and robust finish
  • Folgers Noir Rich Satin: A dark roast with a full body and smooth finish
  • Folgers Noir Smoky Midnight: An intense dark roast with a robust body and smoky finish
  • Folgers Noir True Dark: A dark roast with a bold body and rich finish 

Of these, Folgers Noir Smoky Midnight is the darkest roast. Those who love an intense, rich coffee flavor will find it in Folgers Noir Smoky Midnight.

What Reviewers Are Saying About Folgers Noir Smoky Midnight 

Amazon Reviewer Allen P. Huntington: Strong taste that’s better than Folgers Black Silk. Dark flavor and good aroma.

Amazon Reviewer Barbara Harlow: Full-bodied and flavorful. Strong taste without bitterness or a burned flavor.

Amazon Reviewer Elizabeth Lyle: “Folgers Noir is by far the smoothest roast out there.” Great flavor without a bitter finish.

Amazon Reviewer John Sarzoza Jr.: Bold flavor with or without cream and sugar. Very smooth flavor and no bitterness.

Amazon Reviewer MHF-GA: Strong flavor with no bitterness. “The closest to Starbucks you can get.”

Amazon Reviewer M. Torma: Dark, rich flavor with a round finish that isn’t burned. “This coffee is so rich and full and never disappoints.”

Amazon Reviewer Mima1213: Full, smooth flavor that’s bold and rich. Makes delicious coffee either hot or cold.

If you’re looking for the strongest coffee from Folgers, you can’t go wrong with Folgers Noir Smoky Midnight. For coffee drinkers who love rich, intense flavor, any of the coffees from the Folgers Noir line fits the bill.

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