When Did Folgers Stop Making Metal Cans?

folgers metal can from around 2000

QUESTION: When did Folgers stop making metal cans? I miss the old style and really hate plastic. – Cody S

ANSWER: Folgers gave up the metal coffee tin in 2004. Instead, Folgers switched to a plastic canister with a seal in the lid. Folgers had used the metal container for over 150 years.

The company that owns Folgers, Proctor & Gamble, listed the advantages of the plastic canister: It’s easier to open, does not require a can opener, has a built-in handle, and has a “flavor-saving” seal.

Folgers spokeswoman Tonia Hyatt told The Oklahoman: “We said, ‘If we started from scratch, what would be the ideal coffee container for the consumer?’ The result is the AromaSeal canister. Overall, it’s just a better experience for the consumer.”

Maxwell House did a survey that determined 71 percent of Americans reuse the traditional metal coffee cans for other household purposes once they’ve been emptied of coffee. Reporters wondered whether the new plastic canisters would be reused in a similar fashion.

The old cans were made of tinplate, which is steel coated with tin, or were made with tin-free steel. The metal cans were durable and air-tight. 

Now you know a bit more about metal and plastic coffee canisters, and you’ve learned that Folgers stopped using the metal can in 2004, when they switched to the plastic canister that is still in use today.

Older Folgers metal can from the 90s or 80s perhaps

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