Do They Make Metal Coffee Cans Any More?

QUESTION: Do they make metal coffee cans any more? I miss the old metal ones because they felt more substantial, and they were also good to use for other stuff as storage. – Prityana M

ANSWER: We’ve got the answers for you.

Although it’s true that Folgers stopped using metal cans in 2004, and Maxwell House was right behind, there are other brands that still use metal coffee cans. If you check your grocery store’s coffee section, you’re sure to find some brands still using metal.

Proctor & Gamble owns Folgers and said they chose to switch to the plastic canister because of its advantages: it’s easy to open without a can opener, has a built-in handle to make it easier to use, and has a seal to keep flavor in the package.

Metal coffee cans aren’t actually made of tin or aluminum. Instead, they’re made of tinplate, which is steel coated with tin, or are made of tin-free steel. The metal cans were used because they’re durable and airtight.

So if you love metal coffee cans, just expand your options to include some of the smaller coffee manufacturers.

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