What Is Folgers Noir Coffee?

QUESTION: What is Folgers Noir Coffee? I’ve been seeing it at the grocery store, but I don’t know what it is. — Eileen T. 

ANSWER: Folgers Noir coffee is especially for coffee drinkers who love strong, dark coffee in their cups. All the Noir coffees are developed to be dark and smooth, and they all consist of 100 percent Arabica coffee beans.

Folgers Noir Golden Dusk Ground or Instant Coffee: A medium dark roast with a medium body and robust finish

Folgers Noir Rich Satin: A dark roast with a full body and smooth finish

Folgers Noir Smoky Midnight: An intense dark roast with a robust body and smoky finish

Folgers Noir True Dark: A dark roast with a bold body and rich finish 

What Reviewers Are Saying About Folgers Noir Coffee

Amazon Reviewer Alpha Wolf (True Dark): Distinct, unique aroma. Coffee is the perfect balance of dark, bold, smooth flavors. 

Amazon Reviewer Angelina S. (Rich Satin): Perfect, smooth dark roast without lingering bitterness. Works well with any creamer.

Amazon Reviewer Bridgette Gill (True Dark): Smooth, dark flavor. “If you like dark roast coffee THIS is the coffee for you.”

Amazon Reviewer Carmen J. Russo (Smoky Midnight): “Starbucks dark at the Folgers price.” Smoky Midnight is more dark and stormy than Black Silk.

Amazon Reviewer Christopher Frank (Rich Satin): Dark, rich coffee that requires fewer scoops than other brands to make a full-bodied brew. Delicious aroma even before the canister is opened.

Amazon Reviewer Dennis (Smoky Midnight): Strong, smooth flavor that’s dark like espresso without being bitter. An excellent morning coffee with half and half. 

Amazon Reviewer Don P. (True Dark): Mixed half and half with a medium roast, this makes a great breakfast blend. This coffee avoids the scorched, burned flavors that so many dark roasts can have.

Amazon Reviewer Eric Austin (Rich Satin): Dark, earthy, smoky, and “as bold as flavors get.” Can overpower creamer or other additions; meant for coffee drinkers who enjoy their brew black.

Amazon Reviewer HeyBabyBowtiue (Smoky Midnight): Smooth flavor for such a dark coffee. Wonderful aroma that isn’t overwhelming.

Amazon Reviewer Kakimags (True Dark): Smooth, rich flavor with no bitterness. “This is the best dark roast that money can buy.”

Amazon Reviewer PerkyGazelle (Smoky Midnight): Flavor rivals more expensive coffees that are designed for coffee drinkers who love dark roasts. 

Amazon Reviewer SleepyTiger (Rich Satin): Rich aroma and smooth flavor with just the right note of bitterness. Tastes great with the addition of just a bit of sugar and creamer.

Amazon Reviewer Torin McFarland (Smoky Midnight): Very dark, smooth roast without a sharp mouthfeel. Similar to the Starbucks Verona Signature Dark Roast with a smokier finish.

YouTube Reviewer At Home With Lucas (Rich Satin K Cup): Smooth, sweet flavor with a bit of thinness. Smoky, but “it has that Folgers taste.” Enjoyed the coffee though he was not expecting to like a Folgers coffee so much. 

YouTube Reviewer MyCountyMarket (Golden Dusk Ground and Instant, Smoky Midnight, True Dark): Golden Dusk is very intense and rich, but it avoids the bitterness and burned flavors that are often the downfall of many dark coffees. Golden Dusk has notes of citrus, while True Dark has chocolatey notes. True Dark has a smooth finish and would stand up well to cream and sugar. Smoky Midnight has undertones of nuts as well as the smoky flavors it is named for. Smoky Midnight also has a smooth flavor with no bitterness and a silky mouthfeel. All flavors avoid the “puckery coffee aftertaste” that is common with dark roasts. Instant coffee sticks lend themselves well to portability, and it makes sense to carry them in a purse or wallet so you can make coffee on the go. The instant Golden Dusk is not quite as smooth as the ground and has a bit of tea flavor to it that the ground coffee does not have. 

YouTube Reviewer Our Show Our Story (Smoky Midnight): Dark, rich aroma. Smooth flavor without a bitter aftertaste. Dark, rich taste with a nice balance. 

There you have it. If you enjoy a very dark cup of brew, Folgers Noir may have just the right coffee for you.

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