What is the number one coffee?

Folgers coffee label that shows it is number one
The label even says it! Number one packaged ground coffee.

QUESTION: What is the number one coffee in the United States? What do people really drink most? – Anne R

ANSWER: If you’re looking for the number one coffee, seeing how people vote with their wallets is a pretty good approach. It turns out that in the ground coffee category, Folgers is the clear winner with sales of more than $1 billion a year.

Why does Folgers sell so much? It’s a trusted brand that has been available in the United States since the 1850 – that’s before the Civil War! Folgers is also widely available in almost any grocery store or convenience store that sells ground coffee. Take a look for yourself and you’ll see that red canister everywhere!

The number two selling coffee in the United States is a relative newcomer, but still a brand that you’ll instantly recognize. Starbucks sells around $500 million a year in ground coffee, which is about half of what Folgers sells.

Maxwell House is next, with more than $400 million a year in sales of ground coffee. They are also a historically important brand in the United States, in business since 1892. You’ll recognize the blue Maxwell House canister at almost as many grocery stores and convenience stores around the country.

Dunkin is another top selling national ground coffee brand. They sell more than $300 million a year in ground coffee. You can buy it at their stores, and at supermarkets and other stores all around the nation.

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