What Is Folgers 1850 Coffee?

QUESTION: What is Folgers 1850 coffee? I’ve seen it around but I’m not sure what it’s all about. — Rod L.

ANSWER: Folgers 1850 is Folgers’ high-end coffee brand. They offer a variety of roasts and brewing methods as well as ready-to-drink flavored beverages, which we’ll delve into later. We’ll also discuss what reviewers are saying about Folgers 1850 products.

Forbes writer Clark Wolf notes that Folgers 1850 is “from folks who have consistently stated that the ‘best part of waking up is Folgers in your cup.’ So is this better?” Lots of reviewers say yes, even though there is some dissent. As Wolf writes, “It’s generally easier to move downscale, to do the cheaper knock-off than to try to convince folks that your bargain brand can make diamonds out of coal.” For many coffee drinkers, that isn’t the case with Folgers 1850 Coffee.

Folgers 1850 coffees can be prepared in a variety of ways. Brewing methods include automatic drip, cold brew, French press, iced coffee, pour over, or single serve (as in pods or capsules).

What Folgers 1850 Coffee Offers

Ready-to-Drink Beverages

Americano Espresso Beverage: Fire-roasted espresso with just the right amount of sweetness

Black and White Espresso Beverage: Sweetened espresso mixed with milk

Mocha Iced Coffee: Fire-roasted coffee with mocha flavor

Sweet Cream Flavored Coffee: Iced coffee with sweet cream

Vanilla Flavored Coffee: Fire-roasted coffee with vanilla and other natural flavors

Light Roasts

100 Percent Colombian Ground Coffee or K Cup Pods: Full-bodied, bold, lively, and smooth with 100 percent Arabica beans and citrus undertones

Lantern Glow Ground Coffee: 100 percent Arabica beans with bright citrus, lemongrass, and jasmine tea undertones

Medium Roast

Pioneer Blend Ground Coffee, K Cup Pods, or Whole Bean Coffee: Fire-roasted 100 percent Arabica beans with roasted nut undertones

Medium Dark Roast

Trailblazer Ground Coffee or K Cup Pods: 100 percent Arabica beans with notes of roasted nuts, chocolate, and caramel

Dark Roasts

100 Percent Sumatran Ground Coffee: 100 percent Arabica beans with a complex flavor that’s earthy and bold

Black Gold Ground Coffee, K Cup Pods, or Whole Bean Coffee: 100 percent Arabica beans with notes of sweet dark cocoa

What Reviewers Are Saying About Folgers 1850 Coffee

John Lannoye from Men’s Variety (Pioneer Blend): Enjoyed the balanced, rich flavor and undertones of roasted nuts as well as the fact that there is no aftertaste. Felt the coffee is a little acidic and tastes a bit like Folgers from the can.

AustYn from The Sports Chief (Black Gold): Liked the aroma and smoky, nutty flavors with undertones of cocoa. 

Nathan from The Darkest Roast (Black Gold): Enjoyed the complex aroma with notes of dark cocoa, cherry, and other fruity smells. Found the coffee intense with sweet nuances.

Amazon Reviewer Techno Queen (Black Gold): No bitter, burned, or sour flavors. Coffee is rich with notes of chocolate. Good value.

Amazon Reviewer Rae (Pioneer Blend): Pioneer Blend awakens the senses with notes of chocolate and roasted nuts in the flavor and aroma.

Amazon Reviewer Ana Maria (Pioneer Blend): Smooth flavor and easy on sensitive stomachs.

Amazon Reviewer Michael O. (Lantern Glow): Light, smooth flavor with undertones of nuts and citrus.

Amazon Reviewer Stephanie Sullivan (Trailblazer): Smooth flavor with notes of caramel and no bitter or burned taste. Wonderful aroma.

Amazon Reviewer Marty B. (100 Percent Sumatran): Hearty flavor comparable to French roast but without the long aftertaste of some dark roast coffees. Rich, gentle, and warm.

Amazon Reviewer P. MSakamoto (Pioneer Blend): Clean finish but a slight sour flavor on the first taste. “The flavor is at the denser end of Medium,” MSakamoto writes. Nice energy boost.

Amazon Reviewer Thos Byk (100 Percent Sumatran): Smooth dark roast without any bitterness. Enjoyed the notes of chocolate and roasted nuts.

Now that you’re acquainted with the Folgers 1850 brand and all the different coffees they produce, you’re ready to choose which one (or two, or three …) styles to try. 

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