Taco Bell Hot Coffee Review 2022

Taco Bell black coffee on table in the restaurant

It took me five attempts to actually get a Taco Bell coffee to review! First time I went into the Taco Bell close to my home in Dallas in the afternoon, and the employees seemed very confused by just an order for a coffee. It took more than 10 minutes to get the order. They asked if I’d like cream and I said yes, thinking they would hand me a creamer so I could add it myself. But instead, they pumped the coffee full of “sweet cream” which is evidently some kind of sweetened creamer that I did not expect or want. The coffee was gross and undrinkable, and I didn’t want to wait 10 more minutes for another cup and gave up and left.

Attempt two, I drove through the drive through of a Taco Bell about 5 miles from my house, during breakfast hours. I ordered a coffee only and the person at the drive through said, “We don’t have coffee.” So I asked, “Are you sure? I am looking a picture of coffee on your menu out here.” She replied, “The machine is broken.” I left.

Attempt three was in Melissa, Texas at the same time I was reviewing Buc-ee’s coffee, because I spotted a nearby Taco Bell. The door was locked to the building, right at noon. So I drove through the drive through, and it was dark. I drove around to the window, and there was a sign on the window that said, “POWER IS OUT, SORRY.”

Attempt four was yet another different Taco Bell in Dallas, during breakfast hours. There were three cars in the parking lot, and the Taco Bell sign outside featured the word “breakfast” to let people know that they serve it. The door to the building was locked at about 10 a.m., but the lights were on inside. I tried the drive through, and the menu screen was turned off and dark. Drove up to the window and it was closed with no one there.

Attempt five, back to the original Taco Bell near my home, at 9 a.m. during prime breakfast hours. This time I ordered a breakfast burrito too with a coffee, seeing how I’ve had such bad luck trying to ONLY buy coffee. And the fifth time was a charm! I got my breakfast burrito, and my plain black coffee.

So was it any good? The answer is unfortunately no. Taco Bell coffee is poor quality and I do not recommend it. The temperature was piping hot, so they got that part right. It did not taste stale, so that’s another positive. But the taste was just plain bad, like cheap coffee beans. If you were eating breakfast at Taco Bell anyway and you wanted the caffeine, I’d charitably say that the coffee is “drinkable.”

But there is no way that I would ever choose a Taco Bell as a destination choice if I wanted a decent cup of coffee. I do not recommend the coffee there, so you should head someplace like McDonald’s instead. If you are specifically eating Mexican food, I did like the coffee at Taco Cabana, if they have one of those were you live.

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