Complete List of Kona Coffee Brands

Looking for real, authentic Kona coffee? It can be hard to find! Much of what is called “Kona coffee” is really just a blend, with only a very small percentage of coffee beans grown in Hawaii on the island of Kona.

We’ve created this master list of all the real Kona coffee brands that we could find.

Did we miss any brands of real Kona coffee? Please let us know in the comments.

Hawaiian Queen Coffee

Hawaiian Queen Coffee has produced 100% Kona Coffee for over a decade. The 160 acre farm is located at an elevation between 1800 and 2000 feet on the slopes of Hualalai, a prime location for growing 100% Kona Coffee.

Hula Daddy Coffee

In 2014, the top coffee in the Kona Cultural Festival Cupping Competition. In 2015, the top Kona Coffee and the top Hawaiian Coffee in the Hawaii Coffee Cupping Competition.

Kona Coffee Company

The brand is known for its multiple types of coffee. It makes both pure kona and kona blend coffee.

Koa Coffee

The company is known for its rare types of blends. These include kona, peaberry, and other premium blends.

Hawaii Coffee Company

Royal Kona is one of the blends sold by the manufacturer. It includes flavoring and a decaf version.

Kona Coffee and Tea

Kona coffee from the company comes packed with flavor. Popular notes in this coffee include cedar and strawberry

Kona Peaberry Coffee

There’s one type of medium roast Kona coffee sold by the company. It comes with State of Hawaii cerfication.

Carta Coffee

This coffee brand makes Kona coffee in small batches. It harvests the coffee from 600 small Hawaiian farms.

Lion Gold French

You can enjoy an excellent dark roast from Lion’s Kona coffee blend. The brand is known for its affordable dark roast.

Kona Mountain Coffee

You can buy all types of Kona coffee from the company. Options here included unflavored, decaf, and pumpkin spice Kona coffee.

Sea Island

Sea Island is one of the few brands selling Kona capsules. They can be used for instant coffee.


Kauai is a Hawaiian brand and coffee producer. You can buy its products online or book a visit on its farm for a full Kona tour.

Imagine Kona

The pure beans from Imagine Kona are considered robust and sweet with low acidity. The beans are never mixed with other types of coffee.

Kona Gold

The blends from Kona Gold hold multiple awards. This coffee won the AVPA Paris 2018 coffee quality award.

Makua Coffee

Medium roast, dark roast, and cacao-flavored Kona beans are available from Makua Coffee directly from Hawaii.

Hawaiian Isles

The Hawaiian Isles can be an affordable alternative to Kona. However, many of its blends only come with 10% Kona coffee.

Kona Grown

The brand sells pure Kona as well as Kona capsules. The coffee is grown on the Joel Cooperson farm (est. 1996).

Kona Red

Kona Red has been established as a Hawaiian farm a few years back. It serves pure Kona, blends, and single serve Kona

Coffees of Hawaii

This brand sells Kona coffee from Hawaii and from other coffee regions from around the world. Most of the beans come from the popular Kualapuu plantation.

Hawaiian Queen Coffee

The Hawaiian Queen Coffee is an award-winning brand. It has won the 1st place at the 2019 Kona Coffee Cultural Festival.

Big Island Roasters

Kona Bloom and Kona Peaberry are the best-selling blends from the popular Big Island Roasters.


Absolute Palate specializes in green Kona wholesale. Terroirs are the specific flavor of this coffee.

Absolutely Kona

Green coffee beans are turned into dark roast espresso-style coffee by Absolutely Kona.

Aloha Farms

Coffee roasters and coffee shops can order Kona from Aloha Farms. These farms are only selling wholesale coffee.

Bayview Farms

You can buy all types of green and roasted coffee beans at Bayview. You can even take one of the paid tours as a true Kona lover.

Braund Farms

Braund Farms specialized in wholesale trading. The umbrella company sells green Kona beans.

Bad Ass Coffee

This roaster sells pure Kona, Maui, and Peaberry coffee. K-cups are a new addition to its line of products.

Green World Coffee Farm

The farm specializes in all types of Hawaiian coffee. The beans come from the islands of Maui, Oahy, and Molokai.

Greenwell Farms

The company is known for farming and processing Kona. You can buy all of its products online.

Hanalei Coffee Roasters

Hanalei roasts Kona coffee to a high standard. It sources the beans from the large Greenwell farm.

Hawaii Coffee Box

The company runs on a monthly subscription plan basis. It sends various types of Hawaiian coffee to its members.

Hilo Coffee Mill

You can learn more about Hawaiian coffee production at the Hilo Mill which also sells local varieties. 


The brand is known for its high quality beans. All of its Kona coffee products are certified organic.

Honolulu Coffee

Honoluly Coffee sells unique Kona. The flavor options for their beans include lilikoi, honey, and chocolate.

Island Vintage Coffee

You can buy unique Kona blends at this roaster. This includes a tasty Kona Mocha mix.

Kau Coffee Mill

Kau Coffee Mill produces various types of Hawaiian coffee. It ships its products all around the world.

Kona Coffee Purveyors

The company sells coffees from some of the oldest growers in Hawaii. It uses Konawena Estate beans.

Kona Earth

Unroasted green, dark roast, and Peaberry Kona is available through Kona Earth.

Kona Aloha

Kona coffee wholesale is available through Kona Aloha. The company only sells green beans.

Maui Coffee Roasters

The Kona beans from Maui Coffee Roasters is considered strong-flavored. This is due to the high acidity of the beans.

Maui Oma

You can enjoy delicious rich Kona coffee and other types of coffee blends form Maui Oma straight from Hawaii.

Maui Grown Coffee

Kona and other coffee specialities from Maui are available through the roaster. There’s even a physical store to visit for those on a Hawaii holiday.

Mountain Thunder

All types of Kona blends are available through the efforts of Mountain Thunder. There’s even a decaf Kona version to sample from the brand.

Rusty Hawaiian

Established by a couple settled in Hawaii, Rusty Hawaiian only roasts small amounts of coffee each year.

Kona Premium

Kona Premium specializes in growing and selling pure Kona. You can place an order directly at the farm for fresh Kona.


 Starbucks sometimes sells Kona coffee. Some of its blends are flavored with either nuts or caramel.

Artisan Roasters

Artisan Roasters is one of the leading brands in Kona diversity. It even makes a Kona Sample Pack so that coffee lovers can sample all Kona types.

UCC Hawaii

Various coffee blends are available from Kona UCC Hawaii. The local farm is currently closed due to Covid-19.

Kona View Coffee

The farm of Kona View Coffee was among the nominees at the Kona Coffee Cultural Festival Award. It now receives visitors to its facilities which can see how Kong grows out in nature.

Kona Kens Coffee

You can order Kona coffee in bulk from the company’s website. All Kona types ships sorted.

Kona Farm Direct

The farm grows its own Kona coffee. It even has a small roasting facility for dark roast Kona.

Kona Cloud

Kona Cloud farm grows, roasts, and ships Kona coffee around the world according to its small stocks.

Kaloko Coffee

Kona coffee from Kaloko comes from the region of Kailua Kona Volcano. It is grown on the main island of Hawaii.

Makapueo Farms

These small farms specialize in Peaberry coffee. It also grows all types of Kona on small crops.

Domain Kona

Full City roasts are a specialty at Domain Kona. This is one of the premium brands in the Kona world.

Jesse Colin Young

Kona coffee from this brand is sourced from the Kona Belt in Hawaii. This region is found at an altitude of 8.000 feet.


Light, medium, and dark roast are on offer at Dakine. The company runs both an online shop and a Kona coffee farm.


Biodynamic farming using no pesticides characterizes the coffee beans used by Buddhascup single origin.

Pele Plantations

Uluo, Kalalea, and Kona Peaberry is made by Pele Plantations. These crops can also be visited by coffee lovers.

Kona NYC

The company roasts Kona in New York. It uses Kona coffee from Hawaii which is mixed with Ethiopia and North Columbia-sourced beans.

Sunshower Coffee

The farm is located in the Kona Belt. It doesn’t mix its Kona coffee beans offering 100% purity.

Hala Tree

Hala Tree makes organic Kona. Its products are certified as USDA Organic.

Kona Joe

The company makes Kona coffee and Kona chocolate. It also has an open doors policy at its Hawaii-based farm.

Difference Coffee

The company sells various types of Kona. One of its popular products is packed in capsules for Nespresso machines.

Ferrari Coffee

The small seller specializes in shipping Kona directly to the consumer. It only makes 7 types of coffee.

Muldavi Corporation

Alkaline non-acidic Kona is available through Muldavi. The coffee is sourced from Hawaii.

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