List Of Types Of Coffee Makers, with Explanations

There are so many different ways to make coffee. You might not think so, since it’s literally just a recipe of ground coffee beans and water. But there are almost an unlimited number of ways to vary the recipe, and dozens of different specialized coffee machine types to make it with.

This is a list of all the different coffee machine / coffee maker types we could come up with. Is there a type of coffee maker that we missed? Let us know. (We’re thinking of a general type of coffee maker, and not really just a specific brand of coffee maker, unless the brand is also the only way that you make coffee using that method.)

Drip coffee makers
As their name suggests, drip coffee makers make coffee by water dripping. They are normally electric.

Thermal coffee makers
This type of coffee machine is designed similarly to a drip coffee maker but with the added benefit of thermal carafe insulation.

Espresso machines
Seen in coffee shops, espresso machines work by using high-pressure hot water which goes through compacted ground coffee.

This type of coffee maker replaces traditional fire-made drinks with its electric heating elements.

Single-serve capsule coffee maker
This new type of coffee machine uses coffee capsules. It has the benefit of practicality as there’s no washing up required after making a cup of coffee.

French press
This unique design coffee maker uses pressing techniques where how coffee rises to the top and is ready to be served almost instantly once poured in the press.

Stovetop coffee maker
This type of coffee maker is made with 2 chambers. The bottom chamber stores water which goes through a middle element with pressed coffee into the top chamber as it boils on the stove.

This type of Turkish coffee is made using an ibrik. It is a simplified stovetop coffee maker with only 1 chamber for water and coffee.

Siphon coffee maker
This coffee maker makes strong coffee. It uses lower temperature brewing.

Aero Press
These types of coffee makers are popular for camping and also for coffee purists who like exact temperatures. They use hot water which is forced through compacted ground coffee.

Manual drip-brew
Similar to a drip coffee maker, the manual drip brew requires the user to constantly pour hot water over the filtered ground coffee instead of using electricity for a similar automatic process.

Vietnamese coffee maker
This manual coffee maker is ideal for coffee that is cold, sweet, and made with extra ice.

Cold brew
These coffee makers are known for a long process which takes up to 12 hours. The final brew result is strong coffee with extra sweetness.

Smart coffee makers
These machines are WiFi connected. You control the speed and the brewing time for fresh coffee every morning.

Grind and brew
These automatic drip coffee machines also incorporate coffee grinding mechanisms. The machine is recommended for rich flavor coffee.

Steeped coffee
You only need an empty cup to make steeped coffee. Unlike cold brew, it’s ready in minutes as it uses small bags of coffee you steep into how water, similar to classic tea bags.

Combo coffee makers
Combo or hybrid coffee makers can make two types of coffee. They can be used with things like K-cups for individual coffees, as well as used like simple drip coffee machines.

Vacuum coffee maker
Made from glass, these 2-chambers coffee makers work by creating a vacuum inside for tastier coffee.

Coffee cone drip
This type of coffee is made by a cone-shaped filter placed directly in the serving cup. You let the coffee brew for a minute before removing the filter to serve the drink.

Chemex coffee makers are made with 2 glass compartments and a filter. Hot water is slowly poured over the ground coffee.

Vending machine
Vending machines work with programmed coffee recipes normally with added hot water. Sugar and milk are often extras in these machines.

Piston espresso machine
This type of espresso machine is operated manually. You compact the coffee and you pour how water as needed.

Indian filter coffee maker
This coffee is made in an Indian metal coffee maker. It combines frothed and boiled milk for a creamy result.

Jebena makes buna coffee. This pottery coffee pot is specific to regions of Ethiopia and Sudan.

Similar to ibrik, dallah is an Arabic stovetop coffee maker. It is used to make specific ceremonial coffee using water, ground coffee, and cardamom.

This traditional Brazilian coffee maker is normally made from stone. Its hold at the top is covered with a cloth that acts as a coffee filter. It holds either a carafe or a mug for the coffee in its lower section.

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