Can I use K Cups twice?

Can you use kcups twice from brands like these?

QUESTION: Can I use K Cups twice? I buy Starbucks K Cups, and they’re fairly expensive. I was thinking I could save a lot of money by using them more than once. Would it work?

ANSWER: First of all, it doesn’t hurt to just try for yourself and see what you think! Unfortunately though, you’re not going to like what you taste.

Kcups are designed for single use only. They are one and done! If you use them twice on the machine, the second cup will be a very watery and gross cup that has a coffee flavor to it, but just doesn’t taste right. It’s sort of like you poured a tiny amount of coffee in the bottom of your cup and filled the rest of it up with hot water.

So you won’t be able to save money by using kcups multiple times, unfortunately.

One other option if you want to save money though is to use one of those Kcups that allows you to add ground coffee into the cup yourself. Then you could buy a whole bag of ground Starbucks coffee and still use it in your Keurig machine, but it would be a lower cost per cup.

The downside of that method is that you have to pack the cup each time yourself, rather than just picking one out of the box, pressing the button and enjoying your coffee.

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