A Guide to Aldi Coffee You Can Buy

by Jerry Adams

Most supermarkets sell brands of packaged goods from other food manufacturers, but at Aldi, most of the packaged goods are their own private label brands. This is the name of the game for offering such low prices.

If you look at the coffee section in Aldi, you aren’t going to find Folgers or Maxwell House or Starbucks. Instead, you’ll find different varieties of their own coffee brands. Whether it’s specialty coffee such as organic coffee, flavored coffee, coffee beans or just a very standard ground coffee from a can, Aldi’s probably has house brand coffees in that category for you. And the best news is their coffee is good quality, tastes good and is extremely low priced. So let’s take a look at these Aldi finds that will satisfy your caffeine addiction.

Here are some of the coffees I saw at a recent trip to my local Aldi’s.

entire coffee shelf at Aldi's grocery store

This is the ENTIRE coffee section at my local Aldi’s store. Looks pretty sparse, doesn’t it? That’s how they keep their prices so low, I guess.

They have a good selection of various ground coffees, Aldi coffee pods and K cup coffees for single-serve coffee makers, as well as flavored coffees and fair trade options with higher quality beans in various roasts. These can be used for cold brew or hot coffee.

I saw signage for whole beans, but Aldi did not actually have any whole bean coffee bags in stock during this visit. (Aldi also makes their own coffee machines that uses their own pods, which are supposedly not compatible with Nespresso machines and Nespresso pods.)

Here are some of the house brands I saw.

Beaumont coffee classic roast, decaf and 100 percent Columbian at an Aldi's store

Beaumont Coffee. This looks to be their equivalent to something like a Folgers. Comes in a metal can in decaf, but otherwise it comes in one of those large plastic containers. On the shelf above there is also Beaumont instant coffee.

Nescafe and Barissimo coffee at Aldi's on the shelf

Bustello ground coffee. Nescafe (this is a national brand and not an Aldi’s brand!) and Barrissimo coffees are pictured here.

In this photo you’ll find the Aldi coffee brands Simply Nature, Barissimo, and their Specially Selected German Roast coffee (Aldi’s is a German brand, so this is why they have a German roast coffee). It appears that the Simply Nature sub brand is typically going to be an organic and/or fair trade coffee. But there are flavored options for Simply Nature such as Hazelnut and French Vanilla.

The donut store blend and breakfast blend are under the Barissimo store brand. These are intended to be comparable to coffees like a Dunkin’ Donuts coffee or a Starbucks breakfast blend. You can get them as ground coffee or in pods or k cups.

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