Are K Cups Real Coffee?

K Cups with real coffee inside the container

QUESTION: Are K Cups Real Coffee? I see K Cups at hotels all over the place, and I use them and it’s pretty good, but I wasn’t sure if it’s actually coffee or not. Robby W

ANSWER: Coffee from a Keurig machine that uses K Cups is absolutely real coffee. Those cups are filled with real ground coffee in an airtight container.

When you place them in the Keurig machine and start a coffee, the machine punctures the K Cup and sends through very hot water, which brews the coffee right in that K cup and then goes through the rest of the machine and into your coffee cup.

You can choose all different types of coffee when you shop for K Cups. Whether you enjoy dark, medium or light roast, organic or regular or coffee from a particular part of the world, you’re almost certain to find a K Cup variety of that coffee too.

I should probably also mention that you can also get things like tea in a K Cup, even though most people use Keurig or other K Cup machines to make coffee.

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