K-Cup Teas and 9 Other Amazing Products to Try in Your Coffee Maker

The Keurig coffee brewer has forever changed how many coffee lovers get their favorite morning brew. And as such, it is an adored kitchen counter staple, claiming permanent residence in thousands of homes. 

In fact, it just might be solely responsible for meeting most of the nutritional needs of many college students in the United States and beyond. 

But this game-changing kitchen appliance can do so much more than killer coffee shots. It has also lent a hand towards the uptake of tea drinking.

More people today are making numerous orders for alternative beverage products. They range from special reserve brands to regular packs. It all depends on the customer’s orders and preferences. 

In fact, there surely is an email list or a hundred out there dedicated to coffee and tea phenomena.

Here’s a list of products to try with your coffee-making machine.

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Can You Make Tea in a Keurig?

You can absolutely make tea from this coffee brewer. There are tons of varieties available. You can find and make orders for variants such as cocoa, lemonade, and even cider.

You can easily brew standard tea using the higher water setting. All types can be brewed over ice. Although there are some specifically designed to make iced tea. 

This modern appliance has invigorated the beverage world, based on the increase in orders. There are quite a number of top-quality choices available online. 

Some currently best-selling and highly rated orders on Amazon include:

Most people get frustrated by single-use appliances. Aside from the high cost, they do tend to use up considerable countertop space.

Keurig brewers solved this problem. Aside from high-quality grade hot brews, you can whip up interesting and delicious drinks and meals. 

All you need is hot water as the main component and a little adventurous spirit. 

Here are some simple but delicious ideas to get you started: 


Oatmeal is one of the easiest hot breakfast foods to whip up in your coffee maker. Simply empty a packet of store-bought or instant oatmeal into a bowl. Use the smallest setting and let the machine and the hot water do the rest of the work. You will be munching away in minutes!

keurig hot oatmeal
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Need a quick snack? Grab your favorite noodles, and make it happen! 

This multifaceted kitchen appliance can also cook pasta dishes in under 10 minutes.

Place a single dry pasta serving in a bowl under the spout. Brew water over it, cover, and let the dish sit for a few minutes. Add a splash of cold water to temper it before finishing.

Spaghetti and Clams
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Hot Chocolate

Your favorite hot chocolate brand is all you need to create something sweet-tasting and heartwarming. Add in a few marshmallows and you have the perfect setting for a chilly day indoors.

Hot Chocolate
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All you need to escape the precision of making rice is its cheeky alternative – instant rice. Use the same principle as that of pasta, and within 5 minutes your starch will be ready for sauce and garnish.

Cook Perfect Rice
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Many years ago, this brand changed the game again by partnering with Campbell’s to create a range of soups. They have since amped up the kinds of orders that customers can make orders for any time.

Any machine that uses K-Cup pods can make a delicious broth from any of Campbell’s range. It involves a very simple, easy to follow two-part process. 

First, you empty the noodle packet into a 12-ounce cup. Next, you place the broth pod into the machine. Brew the broth, then let it sit for a few minutes before digging in.

Campbell’s Soup orders
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Nothing whispers “fall weather is here” like a hot cider craving. You no longer need to make it off the cooker or crockpot! There are sachets ready to make this happen in an instant.

Types of cider orders
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Coffee Desserts

There are so many coffee dessert recipes you can make with the help of this appliance. All you need to do is to brew a fresh cup of your chosen flavor of java. Let it run into a bowl of ice cream to enjoy a quick and fantastic homemade Affogato.

Coffee Desserts
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Coffee Flavored Smoothies

When summer comes calling, so do smoothies. With a little coffee and the right recipe, you can make yourself something frothy delicious. You can also leave the coffee out of your smoothies to give the kids something to tuck into.

peanut butter and chocolate bliss
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You can now enjoy a freshly chilled drink of lemonade using products like Green Mountain Naturals. This takes all the work of dealing with huge tubs of lemonade mix right off your hands. No more endless stirring. Simply brew the lemonade over ice and enjoy the crisp flavors.

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Your Coffee Cravings, Personified

You love coffee; so do we. It’s a perfect match!

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