Which Type of Coffee is Less Acidic?

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QUESTION: – Which type of coffee is less acidic? I am looking for a coffee that doesn’t upset my stomach. – Brandon G. 

ANSWER: – If you have a problem with acid reflux, or tend to get heartburn right after drinking coffee, there are tons of low acid roasts available on the market that might be easier on your stomach. There are also several ways to lower the acidity of your coffee so that you can ease off the rolaids. 

Generally speaking, dark roasts tend to be less acidic than light roasts. If you usually purchase lighter roasts, you can expect your coffee to be high in acidity. Darker roasts have a strong, robust flavor, so many people assume that they might be a little harder on the digestive system, but in terms of acidity, darker roasts are very mild. 

Additives, such as creamer, milk, sugar, and sugar substitutes can also upset the stomach. If you throw everything plus the kitchen sink into your java, do a quick experiment and try cutting back on what you add into your coffee one day, or eliminating the additives entirely and see how drinking your coffee black affects your stomach. 

There are also brewing methods which naturally produce a far less acidic coffee. Cold brew coffee has very little acidity because the water is never heated, as it is with most preparation methods. If you get heartburn or acid reflux as a result of your morning joe, you might give cold brew coffee a try.

Another way to keep the acidity levels down in your coffee, is to add a pinch of salt or baking soda into your cup. Both of these products are highly alkaline, and just a little bit of either ingredient can quickly tame down a very acidic brew. You can also purchase acid reducers, which can wipe out up to 90% of the acids in your beverage. 

The way you grind your coffee beans can also have an effect on the acidity level of your coffee. Coarse grounds lead to higher acidity concentration. A finer grind size will produce coffee with a lower amount of acid during extraction. 

Brewing devices with metal screens, such as the french press, allow more oils and acids into the brew than brewing devices that use paper filters. Paper filters will help to keep excess acids and many other unwanted compounds out of your coffee. 

Since many people struggle with heartburn and acid reflux, coffee producers have started to make specially formulated low acid coffees that are quite delicious, and far easier on the tummy. Keep an eye out for my upcoming companion article, “The 10 Best Low-Acid Coffees, coming soon. 

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