How Many Scoops of Coffee Per Serving?

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QUESTION: I’m new to the whole world of coffee preparation. How many scoops of coffee should I be using per serving? — Gerald P.

ANSWER: There is a “golden rule” that one scoop of coffee should be one serving. It isn’t as simple as assuming that your cup of coffee is a serving and your spoon is a scoop, though. To put this rule to use, you need to know that a scoop of coffee equals two tablespoons. You also need to know that one serving of coffee equals six fluid ounces. 

Added to this, you’ll need to be aware that most cups of coffee don’t hold six fluid ounces. In America, the typical cup of coffee can range from 12 to 20 fluid ounces.

The two-tablespoon per serving rule is only a guideline, and you might find that you like your coffee prepared differently. Most instructions use a range between one and two tablespoons to prepare a serving of coffee.

If you want to adjust the way your coffee tastes, there’s a simple way to do it. If your coffee tastes burned and bitter, it’s been over-extracted. That means you should either grind your coffee less finely or brew it for less time. Coffee that tastes weak or sour is under-extracted. Next time, either brew it for longer or grind it finer to fix the problem.

Now we’ve explained that a standard scoop of coffee is two tablespoons, which prepares a six-ounce cup of coffee. We’ve also discussed that the recommendation is really for a range of scoop measurements between one and two tablespoons. You even know how to adjust if your coffee tastes too weak (under-extracted) or too strong (over-extracted). Now you’re ready to prepare your coffee and correct any extraction problems you encounter.

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