What’s the healthiest coffee maker?

QUESTION: What’s the healthiest coffee maker? I only buy organic coffee and I use filtered water. So I don’t like the idea of using a lot of plastic or aluminum to make my coffee either. Got any suggestions? – Mike L

ANSWER: You make an interesting point. There are concerns, for example, about putting plastic containers in the microwave oven because it releases BPA or other hormone disrupters. Perhaps running hot water over these plastics might be something you want to avoid.

Many of the automatic machines also have water containers and a lot of water hosing that pulls the water through the machine as it makes coffee. Those hoses and containers that are constantly wet can get moldy and generate biofilms.

If you’re really looking for the cleanest coffee setup, I’d vote that you consider buying a Chemex coffee maker and use unbleached paper as your filter. The Chemex is made of one piece of borosilicate glass so there isn’t really anything that is ever in contact with your coffee to give it any impurities.

Yes, it’s a little bit more work to separately boil your water and learn how to make pour over coffee, but just barely. The clean up is also quite simple, and once you taste good pourover coffee, you’ll probably never want to use a regular machine again anyway.

So Chemex is what I’d recommend for you.

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