A Review of Sonic Hot Coffee (Green Mountain) 2022

Looking for a review of Sonic hot coffee? I recently purchased hot coffee at two different Sonic locations in Texas on different days at different times of the day.

The first coffee I purchased was in Melissa, Texas, north of Dallas. I purchased the coffee at around noon. Unfortunately, the coffee was barely hot. Warmer than lukewarm, but not really hot like coffee should be. The taste was also mediocre. I was not happy with the quality of the coffee.

I wondered if this was a fluke because maybe that particular Sonic didn’t throw out its coffee often enough and make new coffee.

So this morning I tried again at 8:30 a.m. at a Sonic in Dallas, Texas, during breakfast hours.

This time the coffee was warmer than before, but still not what I would consider “hot” coffee compared to any other fast food or gas station coffee I have purchased recently. Most fast food coffees come out piping hot, just as coffee should be.

This time the flavor was inoffensive, but I would describe it as too weak. No bitterness, which is nice. But the coffee was quite disappointing overall and I did not finish it.

Sonic advertises that they use 100 percent Arabica Green Mountain beans for their coffee, so I was expecting it to be better.

I unfortunately do not recommend Sonic hot coffee. I’ll try their iced coffee in the future and give you a report when I do.

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