What Is Coffee Kombucha?

QUESTION: – What is coffee kombucha? Is it really coffee, or something else that they are just calling coffee? – Autumn C. 

ANSWER: – Coffee kombucha is a fermented coffee beverage with tons of health benefits and an incredible taste. Coffee kombucha is very similar to regular kombucha, but instead of being brewed using a kombucha SCOBY and green or black tea, coffee kombucha is made with a kombucha scoby and brewed coffee. 

Kombucha used to be nicknamed mother mushroom tea, because the SCOBY used to ferment the tea looks similar to a mushroom. However, it is actually a Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeasts, so the tea, or coffee that it is being used to ferment, is infused with living microorganisms from the SCOBY. 

Similar to when brewed with tea, sugar is added to the coffee before the fermentation process begins, because the yeast in the SCOBY needs to consume the sugar in order to process it and turn it into alcohol, which is then consumed by the bacteria in the SCOBY and processed into acids.  The end result is a refreshingly tangy coffee soda with a complex flavor profile. Depending on the coffee you use, you could get all kinds of notes, but some of the most common notes are Irish cream, green apple, whisky, and raspberry. 

Tangy coffee might sound strange to some, but if you are a fan of kombucha and coffee, it’s pretty much a given that you are going to enjoy coffee kombucha. It is truly a unique taste experience, but even for someone who is unfamiliar with the fermented beverage that contains microorganisms, coffee kombucha is strangely appealing. However, there are many who simply can not get used to the taste, so it is clearly not for everyone’s palate. Those who are already familiar with kombucha’s vinegary bite seem to enjoy coffee kombucha when they first try it, while those who are inexperienced with kombucha have a harder time adjusting to the unique flavor of the beverage. 

Coffee has a different effect on the SCOBY than tea does, and the SCOBY doesn’t seem to grow as well in coffee as it does in tea. When used to ferment coffee instead of tea, the SCOBY tends to develop crater-like lesions in the process, and as one would expect when submerged in a dark liquid for around 2 weeks, the SCOBY also gets dyed brown in the process. 

Other than that, the SCOBY is typically still useable after the first batch of coffee kombucha is made, however, those with some experience brewing coffee kombucha suggest keeping a backup SCOBY on hand in case the one you are using for your coffee kombucha becomes compromised. 

Coffee kombucha also has a slightly different brewing process than the process used for regular kombucha. Coffee kombucha is typically fermented twice to improve the taste, adding a second serving of sugar for the SCOBY to feast upon before the drink is ready for consumption. 

Coffee kombucha, like kombucha, has an acquired taste. But why would anyone want to take the time to acquire it? Well, because of its many health benefits and nutritional value, kombucha sales have skyrocketed in the natural health and wellness community. Does coffee kombucha offer the same kind of benefits as regular kombucha from a health perspective? 

The answer is yes, coffee kombucha definitely provides many of the same benefits as kombucha tea. Both drinks are packed with probiotics, which are not only good for your stomach, but they also are believed to improve intestinal health, improve your immune system, lower cholesterol levels, and can even be used to prevent cancer. Imagine getting all these boosts, plus your daily dose of wake-me-up from your coffee at the same time. 

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