How Many Ounces Is a Serving of Coffee?

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QUESTION: – How many ounces is a serving of coffee? I’m confused about how much coffee is actually in a cup. Is it the same as a regular cup? – Joseph A. 

ANSWER: – Six ounces is the standard serving size for one cup of coffee, when it comes to how it is measured with a coffee maker and how you brew it. Though it varies a bit from country to country, coffee is measured in six ounce servings. In America, coffee can be purchased in various sizes, all the way up to 32 and even 44 ounces, but is most commonly served in eight to 24 ounce cups. 

At Starbucks, coffee sizes vary pretty widely. The smallest size is eight ounces (short), and the next step up is double that size, for a whopping 16 ounces (Grande). The Venti size is regularly 20 ounces, while the iced Venti size holds an extra four ounces, though it is typically used for ice. 

While the American standard measuring cup, is officially eight ounces, the six ounce size for coffee and tea is pretty much universal. Still, in America, the typical mug that is used for coffee holds eight ounces. There are also plenty of larger mugs available as well, and most people use a large mug for their morning brew. 

So why does it matter what size cups people use and how much coffee they choose to drink in one sitting? Well, it doesn’t really matter all that much, except for when it comes down to the science of brewing the coffee. It becomes rather confusing, when it comes to how much coffee you are supposed to add in relation to how many cups you are trying to make. It can be even more frustrating when you learn that many coffee makers don’t agree on the size of what a cup should be and can vary from four to six ounces. 

If you use a pour over device to brew your coffee, there is a system of measurement in place that calls for 1.5 to 2 tablespoons of coffee for every 32 grams of water you use. But this is very confusing as well for people who don’t have a kitchen scale to weigh out how many grams of water they are going to use. There’s got to be another way, right? 

Well, the simple solution is to count the cups you are going to use and to measure out one to two tablespoons for each cup. This is suggested for six ounce cups. Start out using one tablespoon per cup unless you prefer your coffee on the strong side, in which case, you will want to use 1.5 to 2 tablespoons instead. Find out what you prefer by experimenting with it a bit and you will figure out the ratio that works best for you. There is not really a wrong ratio when it comes to coffee brewing, and it really depends on your personal tastes. 

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