What Are Maxwell House Coffee Cans Made Out Of?

maxwell coffee can made of paperboard

Wondering what Maxwell House coffee cans are made out of? The coffee brand stopped using the metal coffee “tins” in favor of a paperboard composite canister in 2014. This applies to the standard 11.5 ounce can. The bigger 30 ounce canister is made of plastic.

The paperboard canister can be recycled, and a lot of consumers save the emptied canisters to reuse for all kinds of household applications. 

The Maxwell House canister is produced by Sonoco. According to Packaging Digest, “The can itself is spiral-wound from 100-percent recycled paperboard and includes a high-barrier liner.” 

The resealable lid uses a patented plastic closure from Sonoco called Sealclick. The container also uses Sonoco’s Ultraseal membrane end, which is responsible for the hermetic seal with a valve to let out the pressure that can build up inside of coffee packages.

Unlike the traditional coffee can shape, which includes divots that warp and bend the image printed on the can, the new paperboard canister provides a flat surface for printing.

Now you know that Maxwell House left the traditional coffee “tin” behind in 2014 in favor of the new paperboard composite canister.

maxwell house coffee canister large size
The 1 lb canister is made of plastic.

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