Dallas Funny Library Coffee Shop Review

Virgin Dallas Hotel coffee shop called The Funny Library

Looking for a unique coffee shop experience in the Dallas Design District ? The Dallas Virgin Hotel has a coffee shop right next to the lobby called the Funny Library Coffee Shop.

I went to check it out, and the interior is amazing and my Americano was also very high quality. I visited around 9 a.m. and it was almost completely empty aside from one other customer who was probably a hotel guest.

In fact, the biggest issue with this coffee shop is that it feels like it’s really just designed for guests and doesn’t seem like a coffee shop that anyone else is necessarily intended to visit. There’s no place to park nearby unless you valet (well, there’s parking on the street but none that was available anywhere nearby), and I had to park on the street almost four blocks away and walk in.

Meanwhile, only a block away from this hotel is the independent coffee shop Ascension, which has its own parking lot, is bustling with activity most of the day, and has great coffee.

This coffee shop would be fun and convenient for hotel guests. But if I were staying multiple nights, I’d probably have a cup of coffee here once and then walk over to Ascension the next day just to try something different and then go back to the one I liked better the third day.

There were super friendly staff as we walked into the lobby of the hotel and I came away with a terrific impression of the Virgin hotels property. I’ve never stayed in one, but it looked like a cool place.

But as far as a coffee shop for Dallas locals, it’s a great place to visit once for the experience but probably wouldn’t make a regular stop.

Virgin Hotel Dallas Funny Library Coffee Shop sign and exterior

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