USA Instant Coffee Brands, Listed

package of swift instant decaf coffee and coffee cup

You don’t always have a coffee machine handy, but sometimes you still want to drink coffee anyway. We’re here to help. Here is an exhaustive list of instant coffee brands that you can buy in the USA. Did we miss a brand that you know of? If so, let us know.

365 Instant Coffee
Wholefoods house brand of instant coffee.

Instant coffee from a Mexico based brand.

All Awake
Instant coffee that brews in a small bag like tea.

Alpine Start
Instant coffee that is made from 100 percent arabica Columbian beans.

Anthony’s Organic Instant Coffee
An instant coffee that’s also organic.

Araku Boomi
Instant coffee brand.

Nebraska based instant espresso, brand founded in 1913.

Cafe Altura
Makes an organic instant coffee that comes in crystals.

Cafe Bustelo
Also comes with an instant coffee option.

Instant coffee that comes in capsules.

Copper Coffee
It’s really more of a pour over, but it still sort of counts as instant.

Nice selection of instant coffees, instant teas and chais.

German brand of instant coffee.

Death Wish
Has a dark roast instant coffee that claims to be the world’s strongest.

An instant pourover container that you throw away for instant coffee.

Eight O’Clock
Made an instant coffee previously. Unsure if it’s still manufactured.

Elite Instant Coffee
Israeli instant coffee brand.

Instant specialty coffee in regular and decaf versions.

Makes an instant stick coffee.

Feliz Instant Coffee
They call themselves “the good instant coffee.”

Ferrara Instant Espresso Coffee
Italian brand of instant coffee / instant espresso.

First Ascent
Described as hand crafted instant coffee, comes in light, medium and dark roast options.

Folger’s Instant Coffee
It’s the brand in the red container, and they have lots of instant coffee options too including instant coffee sticks.

Signature instant coffee, including an option that includes hemp.

Happy Belly (Amazon Brand)
Amazon’s instant classic roast coffee brand.

Hills Brothers
Makes a classic blend instant coffee.

House of Word
Premium instant coffee that is 100 percent Arabica.

Intelligentsia Instant Coffee
They worked with Swift to come up with an instant version of their coffee.

Instant coffee with a “magic aroma.”

Joe makes “The Daily” instant coffee.

Jot Ultra Coffee
A concentrated instant liquid coffee instead of powder.

Juan Valdez
Makes an instant coffee version too.

Instant pour over single serve coffee.

La Republica
Instant organic and fair trade coffee brand.

Unclear if their instant coffee is for sale in the US or not.

Maxwell House
Comes in regular and decaf options.

An instant espresso that comes with freeze dried cream and sugar included.

Medaglia D’Oro
Italian style instant espresso coffee.

Mount Hagen Instant Coffee
Instant powdered coffee and instant coffee sticks, also decaf.

Nescafe Taster’s Choice
Columbian, House Blend, French Roast, decaf and even Hazelnut.

Multiple specialty instant coffee varieties, including decaf.

High end instant coffee that comes packed in individual cups, ready to be made.

Slow Ride
Acquired by Everly.

Starbucks Instant
The Starbucks brand of instant coffee. Via packets, and premium instant that comes in a tin.

Steeped Coffee
Instant coffee that comes in individual tea bags.

Swift Coffee
Premium instant coffee that freeze dries the coffee in packets.

The packet says “good instant coffee” so it must be!

Large selection of specialty and single origin instant coffees.

Trung Nguyen
Vietnamese brand of instant coffee.

Described as craft instant coffee, with multiple options.

Waka Instant Coffee
Waka instant coffee comes in every roast and also as decaf. Also instant tea.

Wildland Coffee
Coffee in a tea bag instant coffee for camping.

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