What Are Maxwell House Coffee Cans Made Out Of?

Wondering what Maxwell House coffee cans are made out of? The coffee brand stopped using the metal coffee “tins” in favor of a paperboard composite canister in 2014. This applies to the standard 11.5 ounce can. The bigger 30 ounce canister is made of plastic. The paperboard canister can be recycled, and a lot of consumers … Read more

Is There Such a Thing as Coffee Extract?

QUESTION: Is there such a thing as coffee extract? I’ve heard of other extracts and wonder whether coffee can be used the same way. — Tiffany M.

ANSWER: In short, yes—there is such a thing as coffee extract. This article will tell you everything you need to know about coffee extract, from what it is to how to use it, what to substitute for it, and even how to make your own.

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What Is Full City Roast?

roasting beans to a darker full city level of roast

QUESTION: What is full city roast? Is it a certain darkness, or a way of roasting or what? – Eli G

ANSWER: It can be hard for even the biggest coffee lover to keep up with all the terminology out there. We’ve found out all about full city roast so we can tell it to you here.

Full city roast is also called light French roast, light espresso roast, medium roast, or Continental roast. It’s the category of roast level that is darker and roasted longer than a city roast. The next darkest roast level is a French roast. A full city roast is roasted to a dark brown color, past the first cracking of the beans but stopping before they can reach their second crack. 

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A Guide to Aldi Coffee You Can Buy

Most supermarkets sell brands of packaged goods from other food manufacturers, but at Aldi, most of the packaged goods are their own private label brands. If you look at the coffee section in Aldi, you aren’t going to find Folgers or Maxwell House or Starbucks. Instead, you’ll find a very wide variety of their house … Read more

Do They Make Metal Coffee Cans Any More?

QUESTION: Do they make metal coffee cans any more? I miss the old metal ones because they felt more substantial, and they were also good to use for other stuff as storage. – Prityana M ANSWER: We’ve got the answers for you. Although it’s true that Folgers stopped using metal cans in 2004, and Maxwell … Read more

When Did Folgers Stop Making Metal Cans?

QUESTION: When did Folgers stop making metal cans? I miss the old style and really hate plastic. – Cody S ANSWER: Folgers gave up the metal coffee tin in 2004. Instead, Folgers switched to a plastic canister with a seal in the lid. Folgers had used the metal container for over 150 years. The company … Read more

What’s the Arabica coffee percentage?

QUESTION: What’s the Arabica coffee percentage? Is most coffee Arabica or Robusta? – Marshall F ANSWER: As you have already pointed out in your question, there are two main species of coffee beans that make up the vast majority of the coffee market — Coffea Canephora (known commonly as Robusta) and Coffea Arabica. About 60 … Read more

What is the number one coffee?

Folgers coffee label that shows it is number one
The label even says it! Number one packaged ground coffee.

QUESTION: What is the number one coffee in the United States? What do people really drink most? – Anne R

ANSWER: If you’re looking for the number one coffee, seeing how people vote with their wallets is a pretty good approach. It turns out that in the ground coffee category, Folgers is the clear winner with sales of more than $1 billion a year.

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Does McDonalds have decaf coffee?

McCafe McDonald's coffee

QUESTION: – Does McDonalds have decaf coffee? – Fidel P.

ANSWER: The answer to this question is multilayered and more complex than it ever really needed to be. For decades of business, the answer was no, as Mickey D’s had no decaf options on their coffee menu, either in hot or iced form. If you were traveling and in need of some decaf coffee to give you the semblance of a pick-me-up, team Ronald McDonald did not tend to have your back.

However, a quick google search will turn up an article which discusses how there are some rare exceptions to the rule. The story suggests that merely asking to speak with the manager on duty and nicely requesting a cup of decaf can have some varied results depending on the location of the McDonalds. According to this source, some McDonalds locations have decaf coffee on-hand, but do not typically make any unless asked by a customer, as there is such a low demand for decaf. 

The Coronavirus pandemic has brought about a great deal of change in the world, and one of the many circumstances that have undergone change since the onslaught of Covid-19 is McDonalds decaf options. In mid-2020, during the height of the lockdown, McDonalds announced that they were now offering a few decaf menu options regularly at locations across the globe. 

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What is a McDonalds coffee box?

QUESTION: – What is a McDonalds coffee box? – Alexia W.

ANSWER: – If you are ever running a little bit late for work, it’s always nice to pick something up for your team on the way in order to (more or less) excuse your tardiness amongst your co-workers. What better way to save the day than with a McDonalds coffee box? For somewhere in the vicinity of a ten dollar bill (prices can be as high as 11.99 in some locations), Mickey D’s can turn you into the office caffeine plug, and help you get away with your fair share of late arrivals amongst your co-workers. 

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