What’s the Best Coffee to Order?

coffee shop interior

QUESTION: What’s the best coffee to order? My girlfriend like going to coffee shops, but I’ve never really been into coffee that much. What should I try? – Arnold K

ANSWER: When you’re just starting to appreciate stopping at the coffee shop for a tasty caffeine fix, the sheer number of options can be overwhelming—so we’ve created this guide to introduce you to some of the best coffee drinks to order. Take a few moments to review the descriptions we’ve listed here of the drinks we recommend. We’ve worked hard to include selections that everyone can enjoy. 

If you want to go even deeper, we have this complete list of different coffee drinks.

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Can I Use Pre-Ground Coffee For Pour Over?

pour over coffee and a chemex
If you think this guy is going to make you a pour over with Folgers, you’d better think again.

QUESTION: Can I use regular ground coffee for pour over? Like could you make it with Folgers or Starbucks ground coffee that you buy at the grocery store? – Elliot F

ANSWER: Yes, you can technically make pour over with Folgers. But using pre-ground coffee to brew coffee in a pour over device is like hiring the London Philharmonic Orchestra to play the two chord punk-rock song that your high school band wrote.

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Is Drip Coffee The Same As Pour Over?

pour over vs drip coffee

by Matt Gibson

Both the pour over coffee brewing technique and the standard electric drip coffee maker produce coffee by pouring hot water over coffee grounds and straining the liquid out through a filter. However, the end result of each of these two brewing methods is very different. Drip coffee is typically done with very little involvement or input from you, while the pour over technique is a very hands-on way to make coffee, where the brewer is in control of many different elements of the brewing process, which allows for a much more customizable cup. 

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Why Is Pour Over Coffee So Good?

chemex pour over coffee

by Matt Gibson

Pour over coffee has been around for over 70 years. The method didn’t take the coffee world by storm like pod brewing has in recent years. Instead, people came around to enjoy the pour over method slowly but surely. The Chemex pour over device was the first pour over brewing system to be introduced to the western world, and it quietly developed a cult-like following that grew steadily over several decades. Pour over coffee is not the most popular brewing technique in the world, but it has amassed quite a large and loyal following, and those who use the method swear by it emphatically, and are quick to boast of how their favorite brewing technique produces the finest cup of coffee in the world. 

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What Happens If You Grind Coffee Too Fine?

coffee grinds

by Matt Gibson

The very first step in the process of determining how your coffee is going to taste is the way the coffee is ground and the size of the grinds you create. The most perfect beans, the ideal roast, pure filtered water and a high dollar coffee maker, can all combine to make bad coffee if the grind is mishandled. On the other hand, some mediocre beans, tap water, and a standard electric drip coffee maker can combine to make an excellent cup of coffee if the grind is well executed. 

The goal when grinding coffee is to break down the beans so that the flavor, aroma, oils, and caffeine content can be extracted when brewing. Grinding your coffee beans gives them a larger surface area, allowing your hot water to make contact with more coffee during extraction. No matter what kind of coffee you are brewing, there are a few general rules to follow when grinding coffee: 

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How many scoops to make 10 cups of coffee?

scoop of coffee

QUESTION: How many scoops to make 10 cups of coffee? My coffee maker has a maximum capacity of 10 cups of coffee. If I want to make a full pot, how do I do it? — Ralph W

ANSWER: Most coffee that you buy says that you’ll need 1 standard coffee scoop, which is the same as 2 tablespoons, for each cup of coffee. A “cup of coffee” is not the same as an 8 ounce cup though. A cup of coffee is generally considered to be either 5 or 6 ounces, depending on the coffee maker. Mr. Coffee and OXO call it 5 ounces, but many bags of coffee call it 6 ounces.

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What do the numbers mean on a Mr. Coffee maker?

QUESTION: What do the numbers mean on a Mr. Coffee maker? I’m visiting my inlaws and they have a different machine than I am used to and I want to make coffee. — Erika F

ANSWER: You see in the photo above that there are number marks on the coffee pot, and also number marks on the Mr. Coffee maker itself where you add water. Those numbers represent “coffee cups.” While most bags of coffee describe a “cup of coffee” as 6 ounces, the Mr. Coffee maker calls a cup of coffee just 5 ounces. So you’ll need slightly less ground coffee in the machine than they sometimes describe on the back of a bag of coffee.

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What Can You Add To Coffee To Make It Less Acidic?

milk in coffee to make it less acidic

by Matt Gibson

If the coffee you are brewing each morning is giving you reflux or hurting your stomach, it’s time to look into solving your sour coffee woes. The first step to solving the issue is to locate the root cause, and for sour coffee, the root cause is typically either due to using spoiled milk or your coffee is far too acidic. All coffee is acidic, and acidity can be a good feature in a well-balanced coffee. However, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing, and in the case of over acidic coffee, too much acidity in your brew can brutally ruin the taste. 

You shouldn’t be quick to toss out your coffee beans over too much acidity, as there are things you can do to reduce the acidity in the brew. Though it may sound like a chemistry experiment, it is actually quite easy to lower the acidity in your coffee, and there are plenty of ways to do it. In this article, we will discuss what conditions directly affect the acidity in coffee, how the growing conditions, roast method, and brewing technique impact the acidity level of your brew, additives that you can put into your coffee that will lower the acidity level. We also discuss how temperature plays an important role in the pH level of coffee, and lastly, we top it all off with a few pro tips for producing a more balanced cup of coffee. 

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Do Coffee Makers Make a Difference in Taste?

moka pot to make coffee with

QUESTION: Do coffee makers make a difference in taste? What if I used the same beans with different coffee makers? — David J

ANSWER: Many variables can go into the way your coffee tastes, and the coffee maker you choose is one of the most influential of these factors. Coffee brewed from the same beans at the same level of freshness, using the same grind size on the beans, can really shift in taste depending on the coffee maker you use to prepare it. The specific coffee making setup you use also will impact how long it takes you to brew your coffee, how easy it is to prepare.

The various types of coffee makers can also come equipped with  options like whether the finished coffee can be kept warm for a while or whether you can set a timer for when the coffee will start brewing. Let’s take a look at the way the coffee maker you choose can impact the way your coffee tastes and some other things to consider when you’re choosing a coffee maker.

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