List of Every Non Dairy Creamer Brand

Looking for a non-dairy creamer brand that tastes good and meets your other specifications? We’ve gathered up every brand of non dairy creamer we could find. You’re certain to find something you like in this comprehensive list of brands.

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AROY-D 100%
Based on pure ingredients from Vietnam, this coffee creamer is only made with low-fat coconut cream.

CACafe Coconut Coffee
The company makes various coconut-based creamers. Their coffee creamer is typically used in quantities of 20g per cup.

Califia Farms
Califia Farms is one of the largest non-dairy coffee creamer brands. It offers creamers with flavors such as toffee, mint, and chocolate.

Coconut Cloud Creamer
Dairy-free creamers from Coconut Cloud are based on coconut. They are most popular with those on the Keto diet.t

Coffee Mate
Liquid and powder coffee creamers are made by Coffee Mate. They can be stored either in a cupboard or in the fridge, depending on their texture.

Coffee Rich 

Corn syrup and coconut oil are the main ingredients used by Coffee Rich in their coffee creamer. They have a shelf life of 540 days when frozen.

Devotion Nutrition
Devotion Nutrition makes flavoring coffee creamers. You can choose from 6 flavors with zero calories per serving to flavor your coffee.

Pure Indian Foods
Organic ghee and MCT oil are used in the Coffee++ Paleo Butter Coffee Creamer. Pure Indian Foods uses pure palm kernel for this creamer.

Natural Bliss
Natural Bliss is owned by Nestle. This line of products with coffee creamers such as Coffee Mate rely on almond milk instead of regular milk.

CreamyK Coconut
Coconut cream and glucose syrup are used by CreamyK products. They are only available through online retailers in boxes of 12.

Dose and Co. Dairy-Free Creamer
Dose and Co. use collagen to increase the nutritional profile of their coconut coffee creamers. It only recommends 10g per coffee as a result.

ECOS Coconut Creamer
ECOS Coconut Creamer is rather thin. It only uses coconut milk, coconut water, and coconut sugar.

Almonds, cashews, oats, and hazelnuts are used to replace milk by Elmhurst coffee creamers. They come unsweetened.

Cashews. Coconut cream, dates, and oat flour is used in the thicker Foraged dairy-free coffee creamer. This product is certified as USDA Organic.

Happy Planet

Happy Planet makes coffee creamers from oat milk. They have a neutral taste profile.

Hill County Fare
24 single-serve coffee creamers are solid in a typical Hill County Fare product. These are made with water, coconut oil, and sugar.

International Delight

International Delight is one of the largest coffee creamer manufacturers. They offered both sweet and unsweetened dairy-free coffee creamers.

Key Nutrients
Key Nutrients makes Keto coffee creamers base on coconut oil. The products are recommended for anti-aging diets as they’re rich in amino acids.

Kineret Coffee Whitener

Kayco makes the Kineret Coffee Whitener. This product is kosher-certified. It comes in a liquid form.

Kitu Super Coffee creamers are available in multiple flavors. Rare flavors include gingerbread and maple pumpkin.

Kos makes organic coconut milk powder. It comes with just 15 calories per serving.

Laird Superfood
Laird coffee creamers also contain superfoods. They are enriched with pumpkin powder and extra calcium.

Leaner Creamer
Leaner Creamer makes coffee creamers without sugar. Their products are lactose and sugar-free.

Malk Organics 

Malk Organics makes plant-based coffee creamers. They contain oats, almonds, and flaxseed derivates.

Natural Force
Organic coconut oil and organic Arabic gum are used to make an MCT Oil Coffee creamer by Natural Force.

Plant-based ingredients are used by Milkadamia in its coffee creamers. Coconut oil, sunflower oil, and macadamia milk are its main ingredients.

Mocha Mix
Mocha Mix was the first non-dairy coffee creamer. It was first produced in 1950 and it’s still found in Walmart today.


Coconut creamers and almond milk creamers are combined in Mooala products. They offer shelf-stable and refrigerated coffee creamers.

Shelf-stable N’Joy coffee creamers come in a powdered form. They dissolve in hot coffee.

Native Forest
Native Forest is an Edward And Sons product. Made in California, this coffee creamer only uses coconut oil and Arabic gum.

The Original Nestle Coffee creamer is one of the oldest powder creamers on the market. It’s known as a cost-effective product.

Nutpods Dairy-Free Creamer
Nutpod Dairy-Free creamers come in many flavors. This brand is known for its attractive variety pack with vanilla, hazelnut, and unflavored coconut oil coffee creamers.

Not all coconut-based coffee creamers are liquid. opportunities make a coconut milk powder coffee creamer.

Original Oat-Ly
The Barista coffee creamer from Oat-Ly is made with an oat base and rapeseed oil. This coffee creamer is foamable.

Oat and hemp-based coffee creamers are available through Pacific Foods. Brown rice syrup is added to these products.

Primal Kitchen
Primal Kitchen makes collagen-based dairy-free coffee creamers. They are mainly recommended for a higher protein intake.

Prymal makes coffee creamers for those on the Keto diet. It mixes natural sugars such as Monk fruit extract with coconut oil.

Pea protein and sunflower oil are the base of Ripple’s Half and Half coffee creamer. It comes with 33 calories per serving.

Rising Tide
Rising Tide makes organic plant-based creamers. It uses 5 ingredients in its products (coconut milk, Lions Mane mushrooms, MCT oil, Acacia fiber, and coconut nectar).


If you like sweet non-dairy organic coffee creamers, Silk can be a good brand to consider. It uses cane sugar as a sweetener.

Simple Truth
You can find the affordable Simple Truth coffee creamer at Kroger. It contains coconut milk and rice starch.

So Delicious
So Delicious has a wide range of dairy-free coffee creamers. They are made with only 7 ingredients each,

Splenda Sweet Creamer

Made without sugar corn syrup, Splenda coffee creamers are based on sunflower oil.

Taam Tov Instant Creamer
The Taam Tov Kosher Instant Creamer is made with maltodextrin, sugar, and tapioca starch. It dissolves in hot coffee.

Trader Joe’s
Trader Joe’s Coconut Creamer is based on dried coconut milk. The product is sweetened with dried cane syrup.

Treehouse Originals
Treehouse Originals makes supplements for Keto coffee. Its coffee creamer contains MCT oil, coconut sugar, and coconut milk powder.

Vital Proteins
Collagen is added to Vital Proteins’ Coffee Creamer. It’s mainly used for skin and hair benefits.

Walden Farms Calorie Free Coffee Creamer
Walden Farms makes flavored coffee creamers with cocoa powder. They tend to be sweet.

Wander Life Coconut Creamer
Coffee creamers from Wander life are based on coconut oil and natural flavoring such as organic vanilla extract.


Wildwood uses soy milk in its coffee creamer. It doesn’t contain any tropical oils.

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