Complete List of Natural Sweetener Brands

Looking for a new brand of sweetener because you like your coffee sweet but don’t want to use sugar? Here are all the natural sweetener options we could find!

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Anthony’s Goods

Anthony’s Goods sells sweeteners that aren’t made from sugar. It uses natural erythritol in its sweeteners.

Akshit Organic

Stevia is the base of the sweeteners made by Akshit. 2 stevia leaves are the equivalent of one tablespoon of sugar.

Better Foods

Better Foods uses Monk fruit as a sweetener source. The sweetener can be used in drinks or for baking.

Burma Spice

Burma mostly makes spices. But the company also produces sweeteners from coconut palm trees.


Canderel makes low-calorie sweeteners. It uses natural stevia in its products.

Eearthtone Foods

Earthtone makes sweeteners from natural sources such as lucuma powder. The natural sweetener is sourced from Peru.

Epic Dental

Epic Dental makes a range of products for oral health. You can find their Xylitol sweetener among them.


Erythritol is among the ingredients used in Equal sweeteners. Some also contain aspartame, a naturally-occurring amino acid.

Genuine Joe

Genuine Joe is an S.P. Richards brand that dextrose (sugar from corn) mainly to sweeten tea and coffee.

Health Garden

Health Garden offers a vast range of natural sweeteners. It’s one of the brands using Monk Fruit as a refined sugar alternative.


Hemani uses natural sweeteners such as honey and stevia in its products. It even sells individual spoon stirrer, natural sweeteners.

Ideal Sweet

Ideal Sweet uses natural sweeteners occurring in fruits and vegetables for its products. Their products are recommended for general use, Keto diets, and baking.

In The Raw

Raw purified natural sweeteners are sold by the company. Agave, organic stevia, and honey products are their sweetener options.


KetoLogic concentrates on foods for the Keto diet. Their natural sweeteners are healthy and they have up to 70% sweetness of sugar.

Madhava Organic 

Organic coconut sugar is used in natural sweeteners by Madhava Organic. Honey sweeteners are also made by Madhava.

MB Herbals

Raw green stevia powder is merchandised by MB Herbals. The company specializes in fruit and vegetable extracts.


Agave Inulin powder is made by Nubeleaf. While not as sweet as sugar, it’s a healthier alternative for sweet tea and coffee.


Stevita makes multiple types of natural sweeteners. The brand is known for both powdered and liquid stevia drops products.

NuNaturals White Stevia

Gluten-free white stevia powder is made by NuNaturals. Tea, coffee, cereal, and even yogurt can be sweetened with stevia.

Nutricost Sweetener

Allulose is made available by Nutricost. This natural sweetener is known for not raising blood sugar levels or insulin levels.

Prescribed For Life

Maltitol is used as a sweetener by Prescribed for Life. This sweetener is safe for vegans, kosher, and gluten-free.

Nature Valley

Nature Valley owns Sweet Nature, a brand dedicated to natural sweeteners. Their main ingredient is erythritol.


Customers know Natrisweet for its flavored natural stevia sweeteners. Popular flavors from the brand include toffee and caramel stevia drops.


Yeast and sugarcane are combined for a unique natural baking sweetener by Purecane. The brand also makes other types of sweeteners.

Pyure Organic

Pyure mainly uses stevia for its products. It makes a large number of flavored and unflavored natural sweeteners.

RxSugar organic

Allulose is used by RxSugar in its large line of products. This natural sweetener leaves no aftertaste.

So Nourished

So Nourished is a health brand for those on the Keto diet. It uses Monk fruit extract and erythritol in its natural sweeteners.


Splenda sweeteners are made with 0 calories. Stevia is one of its main ingredients.

Sugar In The Raw 

The brand makes natural sweeteners as a healthier sugar alternative. Agave, monk fruit, and honey are used in their various sweeteners.


Erythritol and stevia are blended in Sukrin sweeteners. They’re meant to replace brown sugar.

Smart 138

Smart 138 makes various natural foods. They also make natural sweeteners that combine both Erythritol and monk fruit extract.

Smart for Life

Allulose sweeteners are made by Smart for Life. The company operates in the Keto-friendly market.

Sweet Leaf

Sweet Leaf is one of the brands that makes liquid sweetener drops. Stevia is used in its convenient sweeteners mainly used in hot drinks.

Sweet N Low Granulated

Sweet N Low uses dextrose in its products. Their sugar alternatives are mainly used for cooking.


Flavored sweeteners are may by Swerve. The brand manufactures sweeteners for coffee and cooking.

Sweeetly Stevia USA

Sweetly Stevia sources organic stevia and organic Erythritol for its premium sweeteners. Its products are made in small batches.

Source Naturals

Source naturals make all-purpose sweeteners from Erythritol crystalline powder. It’s used exactly like regular sugar.


Torani makes a large number of sweeteners without sugar. Most of them come in a syrup form.


Truvia is one of the largest international brands in the food industry. The company offers stevia-based sweeteners among its multiple products.

Whole Earth Stevia and monk

Natural sugar sources such as monk fruit and stevia are used by this brand. It offers a 0 calories policy per serving.

Wholesome Sweet

Made from allulose, the sugar-free sweetener from Wholesome Sweet has 0 carbs and it’s used on the Keto diet.


Natural xylitol is used by Xlear in its sweeteners. Their products are popular with diabetics.


Xylitol is used in Zint sweeteners. It has one natural sugar molecule and one alcohol molecule that make it sweet.

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