Houndstooth Coffee Shop on Sylvan in Dallas, an Architectural Favorite

Houndstooth coffee shop exterior view, on Sylvan

by Lars H

There are multiple Houndstooth coffee shop locations in the Dallas area, and one of them is only a couple of miles from my home. But my wife and I drove several miles further to visit the shop on Sylvan after I read that Architectural Digest named it the most beautiful coffee shop in Texas.

We were there before 8 a.m. on a Sunday morning, so the morning crowd still had not appeared. The two employees gave us a friendly greeting as we walked inside.

We ordered an Americano and a macchiato. An Americano is basically the espresso version of drip coffee. You pull a shot of espresso and then add hot water until it diluted to about the same level as a regular drip coffee.

A machiatto is a shot of espresso with a tiny dollop of steamed milk foam on top. Just enough to give it a tiny amount of milkiness, barely more than just the espresso shot by itself.

Americano and machiatto drinks
Houndstooth Americano and macchiato espresso drinks

The Houndstooth barista asked us if we wanted one of their single origin espresso shots, or the standard house espresso. I went with the house version.

The two drinks were both expertly made, and the perfect temperature. I tasted both and enjoyed them, but they both had the “sour” coffee notes that many very high end coffee shops have, which are not my favorite flavor notes. I am not the biggest fan of fruity or citrus notes that taste sour to me. But be aware that these are exactly the notes that many people specifically look for in a coffee! So don’t let my personal taste preferences make you think the coffee isn’t great, because it is.

coffee beans at houndstooth
Houndstooth coffee shop coffee beans that you can brew at home.

There are many different whole beans you can purchase in the Houndstooth cafe so that you can make your own coffee at home.

high end espresso machine
Houndstooth Coffee espresso machine is a work of art

This shop is not too far from where I work, so I will probably visit it again. Next time I think I’ll order a latte or a cappuccino, because I think the extra milk would help balance out the notes of the favored espresso beans from this shop.

I think this one is worth a visit just to see their beautiful espresso machine and the lovely interior of the shop. Although it wasn’t my personal favorite coffee, I think the flavor notes from Houndstooth will appeal to a lot of coffee enthusiasts.

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