Hola Cafe Coffee Shop of Dallas, the best espresso in DFW?

Hola Cafe coffee shop in Dallas
Hola Cafe coffee shop on North Tyler in the Oak Cliff neighborhood of Dallas.

I have found what I consider to be the best coffee in Dallas so far (and there’s a lot of amazing coffee here).

This morning my wife and I went to go check out two different coffee shops in the Oak Cliff area and went to Houndstooth on Sylvan, followed by the Hola Cafe on North Tyler Street. (There’s also a location in Uptown on Woodall Rogers in the First United bank building.) https://www.holacafedallas.com/ The shops are co-owned by Jennifer Avila and her husband Daniel Hinojosa. Avila lived in Honduras for 13 years, and helped her grandmother harvest and sell coffee beans locally there, according to their site.

The Hola Cafe has a tiny interior, with just a single table for two, and a small bench to sit on near the register, and a little table outside (except that it was 37 degrees this morning). Most of the customers walk in, order coffees and take it with them. It reminds me of the type of tiny coffee shops you’d see in NYC or Paris.

We ordered a cappuccino and a cortado. You’re probably familiar with a cappuccino, which is a shot of espresso with steamed and foamed milk. A cortado is also an espresso shot with steamed milk, but it’s an equal ratio of espresso and milk, so it’s a slightly smaller drink that isn’t as milky, but still gives you a nice milkiness with the espresso shot.

I drank the cortado, and also tasted the cappuccino.

Hola Cafe’s beans have exactly the type of rich coffee flavor that I love most, with mostly notes that are chocolately, without a lot of fruity or citrus notes. I understand that some people love the “sour” taste that you get from a lot of high end coffee shops, but that is not my favorite flavor profile.

Hola Cafe has a more traditional coffee flavor that I love, like you’d get at a good cafe in Europe.

Hola Cafe La Marzocco espresso machine
Hola Café uses an Italian La Marzocco espresso machine, which makes terrific espresso drinks.

The two guys working behind the counter were friendly and helpful, and answered my questions. I wish I had picked up a bag of their coffee to bring home for my own superautomatic espresso machine. I think I’ll go back this week and buy some.

I absolutely recommend this coffee shop. I think it might be my coffee favorite shop yet in the entire DFW area.

Hola cafe cortado and cappuccino espresso drinks
Hola Cafe cortado and cappuccino espresso drinks that we enjoyed so much.

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