Black Rifle Coffee Shop near I-75 Central Expressway Review

Black Rifle coffee company shop

I was recently driving south from Plano on I-75 Central Expressway when I noticed a Black Rifle Coffee shop just off the side of the highway in a small shopping center. I exited and circled back to check it out. I had heard of the coffee brand, but didn’t realize that they also had actual coffee shops.

Black Rifle Coffee Company was founded around 2014, but has grown and since gone public so you can even buy their stock. I had no idea they were that big!

When you go inside, the doors on the outside are designed where they look like the doors to a huge gun safe, which is kind of appropriate I guess. Almost a third of the store is devoted to merch, with lots of tshirts, hoodies, shirts and mugs, as well as a giant selection of their coffee in bags. I ended up buying a bag of medium roast organic coffee, which I will review later after I try it.

You definitely get a gun friendly, conservative friendly vibe inside the shop, which you’d expect from a place that is all about supporting first responders and military and veterans. The guy behind the counter was friendly, polite and helpful when I asked him about their decaf options.

I ended up buying a regular drip coffee, a decaf Americano and a decaf cortado to sample. They call their Americano a ‘Mericano, which I thought was clever and funny and went with the vibe of the store. Many of the tables were full of customers at around a 10 a.m. on a Sunday morning. There’s also seating outdoors.

Black Rifle says that they import their green coffee beans directly from farms in countries like Guatemala and Brazil and roast them all at their own roasting facilities in the USA.

When I ordered, they asked if I was military, a veteran or first responder, because those people all get a discount.

counter at the Black Rifle Coffee Company shop
My drip coffee came out instantly, and then I only had to wait a few minutes for them to make my ‘Mericano and cortado.

The drip coffee was super dark and bold. It is not a drip coffee for coffee wimps! I found it too bold for me, and would probably add cream if I ordered it again.

The ‘Mericano was not as bold tasting, and very well done with a little bit of crema on top and just the right temperature. The cortado was also similarly brewed correctly and the right temperature and the correct amount of milk. I give their espresso drinks good marks.

This shop lives up to its name as far as the vibe goes. So if want a place to drink coffee that has zero hipster feel to it, this is your place.

The shop also serves a limited food menu, and has a drive through on the side of the building.

Black Rifle Coffee is worth visiting just for the experience! But the coffee is also good, and I look forward to trying out the bag of organic medium roast that I purchased because I’m always searching for a new favorite organic coffee.

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