Whataburger Coffee Review for 2022

cup of black whataburger coffee

Wondering how the coffee tastes at Whataburger restaurants? Here’s a review.

I recently bought a cup of black coffee at a Whataburger fast food hamburger restaurant in Dallas.

The coffee was plenty hot, and it came in a styrofoam cup to keep it warm. If you care about hot coffee that’s great, but if you don’t like to buy styrofoam materials, then it’s not. But this also applies to their regular drinks, so it’s just the way it is at Whataburger and most of their customers are used to this.

I would describe the coffee as average to below average. It was the correct temperature — piping hot. It tasted as if it had been freshly made and had not been sitting around getting stale. I ordered during their breakfast hours when the most people order coffee, so this is a good time to assure freshness.

Unfortunately, the flavor of the coffee is not very good. It was strong enough, unlike the very weak Sonic coffee, but comparing it to other coffees that I ordered in rapid succession that day, it was one of the worst. In fact, Sonic and Whataburger were at the bottom of my list on this day when I ordered Racetrac, Dunkin, Taco Cabana, Sonic and Whataburger — driving immediately from one restaurant to the next so that the coffee was still hot as I compared them all.

I love Whataburger breakfasts, and the coffee is good enough for when I visit to eat breakfast there. But if I were driving and wanted to buy just coffee at a drive through, I would not choose Whataburger. It’s not terrible — it just isn’t very good. You’d be better off at a different convenience store or fast food drive through.

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