What Kind of Coffee Does Sonic Have?

sonic coffee in a cup

QUESTION: What kind of coffee does Sonic have? I love getting their coffee to drink in the mornings and want to know what all my options are. — Jeffrey M.

ANSWER: Sonic uses Arabica specialty grade Fair Trade Certified coffee beans from Central America and South America, which they get from Green Mountain Coffee. You’ll find Sonic’s coffee served in several different ways, from hot to iced to frozen.

Their Green Mountain Coffee is available in drip form, served hot. The drip coffee comes in double chocolate twist, French vanilla caramel twist, French vanilla chocolate twist, and praline pecan chocolate twist flavors. There are also hot lattes and an espresso shot you can add to any drink. Lattes are available in caramel, hazelnut, or mocha. In the realm of cold drinks, you can get iced lattes or frozen java chillers. Like the hot lattes, iced lattes come in caramel, hazelnut, or mocha flavors. Iced coffee comes in original or French vanilla flavors.

Sure, Sonic doesn’t have the broad selection that Starbucks does, but they have enough options for most people to find something they like. And you can’t beat the price: a large latte costs less than two dollars. As far as the quality goes, some reviews say Sonic’s coffee drinks taste even better than Starbucks. A list from Thrillist ranking the best of fast food coffee put Sonic’s iced French vanilla coffee third, outmatched only by McDonald’s and Dunkin Donuts.

We recommend that everyone give one of Sonic’s coffees, iced coffees, lattes, iced lattes, or frozen java chillers a try for themselves to see what they think. Lots of people love Sonic’s coffee—you just might be one of them.

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